Here’s The First Real Look At New Mass Effect & An Untitled Bioware Project

Bioware has released a small info trailerthat features both Mass Effect and a look at a new IP that features a whole new world which looked earth like. Not much but at least we know the studio has something big in the works outside Mass Effect and Dragon Age.


For Mass Effect we’re going to a whole new region of space with a complete new cast of characters, though we will at least see the return of the Humans and the Krogan. There are a lot of diverse worlds for players to explore with one of the devs saying you could keep going towards the horizon.

I personally can’t wait for it.



  1. :-( Sorry Bioware, but as someone who forked out a shed load of cash on Mass Effect+DLC, Mass Effect 2+DLC and Mass effect 3, not to mention the sheer amount of hours put into these and who honestly bought into your claims that key decisions i made in 1st 2 games would have a ‘real’ impact in the 3rd, only to find out they were ‘glossed over’….i’ve lost all interest in the franchise.

    I did’nt want nor use the multiplayer aspects in Mass Effect 3, i found several sections of the SP campain to be bloody frustrating and honestly feel series peaked at no.2.

    To hear talk of ‘listening to what the fans want’, i’m just sat here rolling my eyes.

    So far E3, is not giving me anything new to convince me as an Xbox+360 owner to go for an Xbox One.I expect Mass Effect 4 will be cross-platform, but doubtful at this stage i’ll bother with it.Franchise is dead to me now.

  2. I’m buying it just so i can have my brain massaged by that music again.

    • I’m all aboard the ME4 train.

    • Yep. Take my money Bioware!

    • The song from the second half of the video, is that from Mass Effect? I can’t remember. If so or not does anyone know the name of it?

    • The music in Mass Effect is amazing – just hearing it on that trailer makes me want to start the trilogy again!

  3. Was that making clear they keep Mass Effect being Mass Effect, introducing a new IP at the same time..? Would be a good thing. If I want to play something else I can buy something else.

  4. Looking forward to more Mass a Effect on the playstation. Great, great series.

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