Rise Of The Tomb Raider Announced At E3

Following the leaks of registered domains for the title earlier today, Lara Croft’s next adventure – Rise Of The Tomb Raider – has just been officially unveiled by Crystal Dynamics over at Microsoft’s E3 conference.


Rise Of The Tomb Raider is currently scheduled for a Holiday 2015 release.


Tomb Raider and The Temple Of Osiris has also been confirmed for PS4, PC and Xbox One. It is a sequel to Guardian of Light. It will have up to four player co-op. There is currently no release date or price confirmed.



  1. Great to see a new Tomb Raider game announced.

  2. Cool I’ll get it on PS4 since it will be the best console version.

  3. Loved the guardian of light and the tomb raider reboot. Im glad they are both getting sequels.

  4. Tomb Raider reboot was fantastic and great to see another one coming. Not keen on the name though :/

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