Ubisoft Show More Footage From The Division

Ubisoft returned to Microsoft’s presser with its eagerly-anticipated MMO shooter, The Division. Ubi Massive showed another gameplay walkthrough set in New York on Christmas day, following the aftermath of a deadly disease.

At first The Division almost appears scripted, as if the demo is stripped from a single player campaign. However, it soon becomes clear that the characters are actual players communicating while traversing the Big Apple.

The squad face-off against a group NPCs, using flashy new gadgets. What really stands out is how sublime the game looks, from its effects and lighting to the slick UI design.

We’ll likely see more later tonight at Ubisoft’s own conference.



  1. Very keen for more Division info. One of the few games I’m hyped for right now. Gutted when it was pushed to next year.

    RIP Tom Clancy. Hope this game does you proud! :P

    • I don’t think it will be out next year from what they said couple weeks ago.

      • Not out NEXT year?

      • Is that a problem given how many games have been announced for 2015 anyway?! 2015 is starting to sound like how this year did after last years E3, before nearly everything bar the next gen hardware got delayed…

  2. If it’s to be half as good as it looks now then I’d think late 2015 at the earliest.
    I’m hyped, i don’t want to be as i think it’ll be a watch dogs style let-down but this game looks do damn good!

  3. when they checked the map.
    i couldn’t help thinking of this.

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