New Arkham Knight Trailer Shows Batmobile Combat

As Sony’s press conference moved towards a close, we got a nice treat in the form of new Arkham Knight gameplay. It focussed primarily on showing off just what the Batmobile in the new game can do, and explaining why a non-lethal vigilante like Batman needs such heavy armaments.

It seems that the titular Arkham Knight has taken over a fair chunk of Gotham, patrolling it with unmanned drones. With no humans involved, Batman is free to let his hair down and put the Batmobile into full on tank mode.

Beyond that we also got to get a feel for a scope of the world, and see just how far Batman has come by the point of this game. He dispatched tanks and foot soldiers with ease, seemingly without ever breaking a sweat. It really does feel like Batman has become master of all he surveys.

As the trailer progressed it looked like Batman was about to take down The Penguin, when we saw some video glitching and the Scarecrow took over the screen, presumably revealing himself as the game’s big bad (although we shouldn’t take anything for granted in an Arkham game).



  1. This looks absolutely incredible. I think its the only game this gen that has me excited.

  2. Wowzers! Ok, this and Assassin’s Creed tie for best in show! Sony smashed it again.

  3. Man, that video was excellent. I can’t wait to get my hands on this when it’s released.

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