The Crew Races To Release November 11th

Hugely anticipated massively multiplayer racer The Crew is set to release on the 11th of November for PS4, Xbox One and PC.  The ambitious game features the entirety of the United States, allowing you and your crew to drive across the country from shore to shore. That journey can be completed in an hour, as long as your in the fastest car going the direct route.


There was also news in the post show that each platform would have unified servers, so in theory you could play against literally anyone who owned the game on the same console as you. This means no servers for different regions, just the world racing against each other.

If November is too far away, Ubisoft also announced that the game would be entering open beta on the 24th of July, with players able to register now through the game’s official website.  They also took the opportunity to showcase a beautiful new trailer for the game, showcasing the vast range of environments that players can experience.  This game genuinely looks incredible, and the trailer is the perfect way to see it – at least until July.



  1. Very excited for this. Much more than Driveclub.

  2. This is off topic, but… I just got so mad. We’re in 2014, and it’s impossible to watch a E3 stream at a halfway decent quality??? Even worse, this Twitch rubbish site makes you watch the same ad over and over again, even in the middle of watching a stream for half an hour already???
    Not sure it’s worth to stay up to see Sony.

    • Of course, it would be worth seeing Sony, but just trying to is what I meant sucks.

      • i watched SpikeTv stream and that got really bad for a while but smoothed out again during Ubi’s conference.
        I saw some people have a channel set up on Live from Playstation app to watch Sony’s conference and i was going to try one of those later, but if there are adverts i’ll just stick with the pc and SpikeTv .

        Cool and weird seeing Jack Tretton in his current role.

    • I would have said the same last year but I’ve just watched Ubisoft’s press conference without any hiccups (720p, YouTube) so hoping Sony’s is the same, fingers crossed.

  3. The Crew looked really great and can’t wait to play it.
    I thought the release date had already been confirmed, when I pre-ordered it on Uplay a while ago it had 11/11/14 as release (or delivery) date?

  4. Difficult to appreciate how well it looks with that speeded up video. They said they would be streaming live on Twitch tomorrow though so we should get a better look.

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