You Will Need A Steady Hand For Surgeon Simulator On PS4

Bossa Studios are to bring indie smash Surgeon Simulator to PlayStation 4 and will make full use of the DualShock 4 controller.

“The most exciting part was when we started using the six-axis motion sensors to control the orientation of the hand,” explained Poppy Byron, Community Manager at Bossa Studios. “Our playtesters were pleasantly surprised by how good this felt. It’s quite an alien feeling at first but it gives a lot of agility to the hand, so people tended to prefer it over the stick control once they got a feel for it.”

“We were able to sharpen up the responsiveness by feeding in a bit of the raw gyro acceleration values, by which point we decided the motion sensors should be the default control mechanism for hand rotation for Surgeon Simulator on PlayStation 4,” she added.

Bossa say the game is “even funnier that earlier versions” but no release date has been given.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. actually, using the motion sensors in that way seems like a great idea.
    how are they going to handle control of the finger though?

    if you can’t give the patient the finger, then i’d consider this a substandard port. ^_^

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