Deep Down Was At E3 After All, Coming To Europe?

Capcom has released a new trailer for upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Deep Down. The game was omitted from Sony’s line-up during its press conference.

Aside from reminding us just how gorgeous the game looks, this latest cut of footage does little to show anything new. Capcom’s RPG will have players warp from their cosy New York pads into a perilous world inhabited by all sorts of nasties. Did we also mention it’s free-to-play?

The reason for its absence at Sony’s presser is unclear, but with Bloodborne having been announced and the Tokyo Game Show not that far away, there could be a simple explanation.

UDATE: The EU PS Blog has posted an English version of the trailer, and it would be a little silly for them to promote a game that is not going to be available in the region.



  1. I hope that voice acting is not in the final game :/

  2. I have a feeling my first attempt at this game will be short-lived – and probably every subsequent attempt too – but as it’s free to play i will definitely check it out.

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