TSA E3 Travel Diary Day Three – Breakfast Burritos

I’m better than Blair at Smash Bros. I proved that this morning when, after an initial practice round where I had to be told what buttons did what, I beat him soundly at his favourite game. I’m thinking of having a championship belt made.

Nintendo was our first appointment of the day and we started off playing Splatoon, their new squid based shooter. It’s really good. Very “Nintendo”, of course, but the squid mechanic is really good for traversing the environment and the shooting is very fun. It also looks quite lovely.

After beating Blair at Smash Bros. I took a step back and allowed him to indulge his inner Nintendo with almost everything else they had at the show. I watched him play Hyrule Warriors, which is basically a Dynasty Warriors game with Legend of Zelda characters. Those are two games I’m not particularly enamoured with so I just stood behind him rolling my eyes a bit and wishing I was back playing Splatoon.

I left Blair to play in the Nintendo VIP area while I went off to look at The Assembly with nDreams. That’s a VR adventure game that’s coming to Oculus Rift and Morpheus. It was my first experience with VR and I was immediately sold on the concept. Okay, I felt a bit stupid sitting in a meeting room with my eyes and ears virtually in a different room. The other people in the room could have gone through my pockets for change and I probably wouldn’t have noticed. When I finished the short demo, I was shocked to discover that another person had entered the room while I was away in my virtual world.

E3 is hard work. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a long way from digging roads or working on oil rigs but it’s probably not as much fun as you imagine. Today, for example, I had meetings all day and I’d forgotten to leave myself time for lunch. So I spent the whole day rushing between stands and glancing longingly at the lines of people who were about to part with inordinately large sums of money for terrible food. I bought a regular sized bottle of Diet Coke and it cost me $4.

That’s okay though, I had the best breakfast ever. It was a breakfast burrito. That’s a tortilla wrapped around scrambled eggs, refried beans, salsa, onions and taco sauce then you can choose bacon, sausage or steak to go in it too. It arrives wrapped in silver foil and it weighs about a kilogram. It’s basically pure carbohydrates, marinated in cholesterol and garnished with regret. It’s amazing. I had orange juice to drink though, for a healthy balance.

The food in LA is generally very good. It’s obviously shortening your life with every swallow but it tastes delicious while you’re eating it and that’s the most important thing.

The other great thing about E3 is meeting people that I spend all year emailing or chatting to and never actually get to see them face to face. It’s odd that, in order to meet up with people who live a couple of hundred miles away, we all travel several thousand miles around the world. The weather is also better here though, so it’s nice to have the excuse.

Tomorrow is the final day of the show and it’s another busy one but we have an extra couple of days here to recover before the long flight home in Sunday (and Monday – it’s a very long journey). Before we arrived, we had hoped to see some of the tourist sights or perhaps go to the beach and reenact the Baywatch opening title sequence but I have a feeling we’re going to be so tired that we’ll just sleep.



  1. Loving the updates, fella. Especially the garnished with regret. :-)

    • That line particularly stood out for me too! Nicely done.

      • Me three, Peter you’d make a very good Lonely Planet writer, honestly. Also, I read somewhere that Tropicana has more sugar, salt, colourings and calories than Coke… Beer is your safe option.

      • It’s actually a bit of a dream of mine to be a travel writer. You’d think I would try to make these a little better than the bizarre, rambling incoherence I do, really, wouldn’t you?

  2. The diary was a welcome break from a slow day at work and i’m looking forward to reading all the interviews you’ve blagged. Whether you go and see some of the sights or just pile on the regret, enjoy your last few days guys. ;)

  3. ”I’m better than Blair at Smash Bros.” Did anyone else hear the Jerry Springer Oooooooooo when you read that? Sh*t just got real.

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