TSA E3 Travel Diary Day Four – The Show Is Over

E3 is over. We’ve just come back from our last day at the show and now we’ve got to write up all the things we saw and transcribe all the interviews we had. I can’t remember the names of anyone I spoke to so I might have a little problem with that.

I think we’re going to write something about the games we were most impressed with soon so I won’t go into too much detail here. I’ll just summarise a portion of the games I saw for you. Project Cars is okay but Driveclub is astounding. The Crew was good fun but the rubber banding is so obvious it’s a little distracting. Eve Valkyrie with a VR headset is the coolest thing I’ve ever played and Elite Dangerous looks fantastic too, though deeper and less accessible. Splatoon is a new Nintendo IP that’s very enjoyable. No Man’s Sky has the potential to be the best game ever made and Alien Isolation has nailed the perfect tone for a game set in the Alien universe.

Oh! Here’s something that surprised me: The Division is an RPG. I thought it was a kind of open world third person shooter and as a consequence I hadn’t been paying that much attention but the play through we saw was very impressive. It’s got skill trees and everything.

Bloodborne is very early in development so we should forgive them the terrible frame rate issues and clipping bug that cropped up in the closed-doors demo they showed us. It looks a lot better than the “Souls” games and it seems to play a little better too. Combat looks more fluid and spritely but it retains similar overall gameplay to its predecessors.

I was also pleasantly surprised by Disney Infinity, which seems much more interesting and collectible than the new Skylanders game.

And that’s my E3 round up.

After the show closed, we went to a Mexican restaurant opposite to have beers and food. Blair ate his own weight in nacho chips and taco sauce before they took our order and then all conversation ground to a halt for ten minutes while we shovelled refried beans and tortillas into our faces. It’s tricky to find time for meals while the show floor is open because we’ve got appointments and all of the food places develop longer queues than Call of Duty’s booth. So it’s fortunate that we’ve developed the habit of fuelling up on breakfast burritos. Those things sit in your stomach and provide a reassuring, weighty warmth for six or seven hours.

Last night, Tef slept while Blair and I went to the nearby pub that we’d assumed was a den of iniquity and avoided since we arrived. It turned out to be a okay though, after the 400lb man on the door had checked our ID and seen in my bag. We drank several glasses of Samuel Adams, which I’d assumed would be as watery as most other American beers but also turned out to be quite nice. They were playing 70s and ‘80s rock mixed with some occasional hip hop. Bit weird, but it’s the only bar within easy walking distance that doesn’t close before it gets dark.

The most exciting news since the last travelogue, though, is that I got one of those vaping pens that all the hipsters love these days. The man that sold it to me in the hookah bar and smoke shop I spotted on the way to the pub was quite clearly stoned out of his mind but he knew what he was talking about and gave me some great information in a really mellow way. I got a starter kit and some nicotine free liquid so I can enjoy it without forming an addiction. Here’s the best bit though: the liquid tastes like Jolly Ranchers sweets. I don’t know why people use the ones that taste of cigarettes when you can get liquid that tastes like sweeties. I’m inhaling sweeties right now.

The only problem is that I think I might look a bit of a tit when I’m doing it. Still, I get to enjoy the great taste of sugary goodness any time I want so I think we all know who the real winner is here.



  1. Was this about games or which vice to become addicted to? :-) Top stuff.

  2. Thoughts on Destiny and AC Unity? Those two really stood out for me so I’m looking forward to playing them

  3. It must be getting windy over there with all those burritos ;)

    • I couldn’t help but think the smell in the hotel room must be the stuff of legends (and possible triple homicide).

  4. That is surprising, because it was this site that informed me that the division was an rpg. But hey, welcome to the Division hype train! The more the merrier :P

    Now, did I win the E3 raffle thingy? ^_^

    And for some reason, most of the E3 coverage I’ve read here on TSA has left me with more of a desire to eat Mexican food than to play the latest video games….

  5. Was there anything more about the new Rainbow Six? That was definitely the highlight of E3 for me, along with AC Unity.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about all the games, especially Driveclub vs Cars as I always thought Cars looked the superior game.

    • We’ll have a preview soon.

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