Watch Us Play Destiny Alpha – Live From 4PM

Hello there, fancy having a look at the Destiny Alpha on PlayStation 4? Then you are in luck as myself and an intrepid team of TSA’ers will be giving it a bash from 4pm today.

I have racked up a couple of hours already and the game is rather good, my character is starting to gain experience and unlock new skills and weapons. So, you can either watch us playing a spot of the Destiny Alpha below, or head over to watch us directly on Twitch. See you at 4pm!



  1. i’ll have to remember.
    but i just bet i’ll forget about this until two minutes before you finish streaming.
    that’s what i usually do. ^_^

    • or i’ll fall asleep and miss it altogether. >_<

  2. Was very enjoyable. The “boss” battles were a bit drawn out but that’s because we probably weren’t hitting their weak-spots. Still great, just a shame the level cap is only eight.

    • It looked like great fun! The PvE bit you played seemed to match pretty well with what I expect from a bungiee title. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

      Oh, and Tuffs situational awareness is erm….”Sub-optimal” :P

  3. Cannot believe this is only an alpha build. I wanted the game before I played this, now it’s a day one purchase guaranteed.

    Feels like a cross between Borderlands, Rage and a slight Halo influence. Loving it so far.

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