Bungie Extends Destiny PS4 Alpha, Play “At Your Own Risk”

Over the weekend developer Bungie ran a first look alpha for its upcoming sci-fi shooter, Destiny. Available exclusively to PlayStation 4 owners, the preview has now been extended, although what awaits players beyond alpha has been described as “dangerous”.

Bungie tweeted the following message this morning:



For those who didn’t get into the alpha, it was a fairly wholesome chunk of the game that took players up to level eight, allowing them to explore both single and multiplayer content.

So far it looks and plays fantastically well though it will be interesting to see what “experiments” lie in wait as surprised testers jump back into Destiny later today.

We’ll have more thoughts on Destiny later this week.



  1. Hmm, interesting.. I guess my dangerous I think they mean the level 77 baddies I met by accident..

    • If you go down the Hive tunnels you can find all sorts of new baddies with infinite health and get to a bit of the map I don’t think we’re meant to explore yet.

      • I did wonder if Bungie meant they were repopulating the map with higher level nasties. From exploring the map it was nice to find the overpowered guys (the ones who were level “??” and damage taken was just “!!!”) – seems encouraging that players will be able to go back and revisit areas rather than sweep through, level up and move on.

      • @Mugsy,

        Are you sure you’re not playing Ground Zeroes?

      • Pretty sure – I was enjoying myself, so it probably wasn’t an MGS game! The “!!!” did make me chuckle though, in place of the damage numbers. It was a nice way for the game to say “you’ve not even scratched this guy’s armour, you should run away”.

  2. I found the Alpha to look amazing, but the gameplay, boring as hell. It’s just a Halo in the end.

  3. Great that Bungie have extended the Alpha.
    Regarding the ?? characters, I spent around 10 minutes shooting at him before I realised that my shots were barely even scratching him, so I took the hint and got out of the tunnels.

  4. It looks like they are doing tests on the servers while people are connected to test how things will scale for the beta. Having populated servers as well as running load tests should give them some good feedback on issues that turn up.

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