LittleBigPlanet 3 Also Coming To PS3, Stephen Fry To Return

Although PS3 exclusive title LittleBigPlanet Hub seems to have vanished from existence, it appears that LittleBigPlanet 3 will be coming to PS3 as well as PS4 when it launches later this year.


Steven is the LittleBigPlanet community co-ordinator, which means he should be fairly clued in, and further tweets also back this up. More news coming soon makes it sound as though it may be a cut-down version, or might not be quite as visually splendorous, but given that LBP 3 isn’t the most graphically intensive game, it should be interesting to see where this goes. Perhaps bigger levels?

In other Stephen news (this one with a ph), Stephen Fry will also be lending his dulcet tones to the game’s narration, having appeared as narrator in all previous games. He was basically the only reason that I found all of the tutorials bearable.

Not much has been said on the creative aspects of LittleBigPlanet 3, but we do know that Sackboy will be joined by Oddsock – a dog-like creature – Swoop, who is a bird, and Toggle, who can switch sizes at will. We’ll have more on that in a preview later today.

Source: CVG/GameSpot



  1. So the only reason to pick up a ps4 this Christmas and they’re also bringing it to PS3. So dumb. Nice to see they will be making full use of the PS4’s grunt then… :(

    • Yeah I know what you mean Dave. Personally I’ve found this generation to be very lacklustre on the games front. I cant see myself jumping to PS4 until early next year…

    • PS3 has a much bigger user base than PS4. It makes sense to release on both platforms, as there’s really no need for the devs to be snobby about such a fun game.

      Not only has the PS3 had a longer than usual life cycle, but also a much more persistent one. The thing is still attractive and fun to play with now, and still has some neat releases up its sleeve.

      • I agree the PS3 is a great console and has plenty of life left in it, but LBP3 was the only PS4 exclusive out there this Christmas and now its multi-format.
        The PS4 might be a great console but it is being left behind exclusives-wise when compared to the X1.
        2015 will paint a different picture once Uncharted and The Order are here but for now its pretty disappointing.

      • Yeah PS4 doesn’t have much strength to it at the moment compared to X1, and even in 2015 I think the two console will look equally attractive in their games list.

        Surely though the fact that there’s a LBP 3 at all is good though. Who says it’ll be dragged down in any way by being a PS3 title as well. It might be quite the surprise.

      • A new LBP is great news and I will certainly be picking LBP3 at some point, its just a shame to see Sony waste this early momentum with their new console. If I had known we would be waiting until the end of 2015 for the first major exclusive (U4) I would have held fire picking one up and stuck with my Wii-U.

      • Killzone was the first major exclusive

      • PS4 might not have many exclusive games right now but it’s the most ‘next gen’ console we have. I hate to bring up resolution but 792p on a 55inch screen is not pretty. And let’s not forget about multi-plats, the games that the majority of gamers spend most of their time playing, will always look and perform better on PS4. Those ‘must have’ exclusives will come (to both consoles)…. Neither console has any at the moment.

  2. Graphically it hardly pushes the PS3 so cant see why anyone should even care that its coming on both platforms.

  3. One thing for sure, LBP is going to benefit from the ‘download patch as you play’ functionality of PS4. I’m looking forward to it, the new characters are charming and it will be interesting to see if there are any character-specific story levels or if they are just for co-op play.

  4. It may be that the PS3 version is run on the LBP2 engine, and the PS4 version is run on a new build in which case it’s the best of both worlds. So there’s still hope for the PS4 yet…

  5. Glad that Stephen Fry is back. I don’t think it would have been the same without him.

  6. Well my anticipation for this game just took a nosedive. I really hoped they would take full advantage of the PS4 but they wont be able to do that as long as the PS3 is holding it back. Very disappointing. I didn’t buy a PS4 to play slightly better looking PS3 games.

    • Yep, hope 2015 is better as 2013/2014 has been pants as a ps4 owner. At least there are great exclusives out/coming out on x1 this year.

    • I will buy a PS4 to play great (exclusive) games. If you have a PS3 and a PS4, I’d always plump for the one that looks prettier.

      I mean this with absolute respect but the sooner people realise that most games are a variation on a theme the better. Truly, only now are we even having a hint at what the new generation are capable of and it appears to be larger worlds (esp. open world games) and… that’s about it. Sure, there’s all manner of wizardry in the effects department but nothing that really changes the gameplay mechanics. It’s not the devs’ fault, per se, it’s just that we’ve already passed the generation where most things were possible. This generation will be all about expansive titles but only for those titles that benefit from it. LittleBigPlanet is most certainly not one of them.

      As always… meant with respect. :-)

      • I understand where you’re coming from but creating levels in LBP2 was very limited on PS3 and some levels I created would stutter or simply not work because the PS3 couldn’t handle them. I was hoping that LBP3 would allow almost unlimited resources to create huge, extremely detailed and busy (maybe 3D) levels that the PS3 was just not capable of. Knowing that LBP3 is also coming to PS3 makes this very unlikely. Instead of pushing the LBP3 to get the most out of PS4, they’ll have to dumb it down to get something that can be played on PS3. I can’t see them going to any great lengths to improve the PS4 version other than better textures, better frame rate, higher resolution etc. I don’t necessarily want them to innovate, just take away the limitations of the previous gen.

      • Ah, yes. I see where you’re coming from with regards to that. Sadly, we’re seeing the cross-generational title now potentially holding back the PS4 version but it’s coming out very early on into the PS4’s life-cycle so there may well be a fully fledged version (with no “old gen” limitations) out in a couple of years time. Enjoy this one… love the next one. Fingers crossed, eh? :D

      • Everyone’s coming it seems :O
        On a serious note the PS4 to me is like zombie rising from the grave that’ll reign supreme but it can’t quite break the crust yet for my personal taste.

  7. Can’t stand Stephen Fry or his voice. Now if they could you Brian blessed on the other hand.

    • +1. Totally the same about Fry, and Brian Blessed’s voice would be awesome in LBP3.

    • Stephen Fry is awesome, but my god, a Brian Blessed narration option would genuinely be god-tier.

      Genuine god tier.

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