Sony Beats Microsoft In Console Sales For Fifth Month In The US

Will Nintendo ever outsell Sony and Microsoft on a monthly basis? That was the question posed by the Seattle Times to Reggie Fils-Amie, president of Redmond-based Nintendo of America. “You know, it’s going to be very interesting to see the NPD data [on U.S. sales] for June,” he replied, suggesting the Wii U would get a massive boost from Mario Kart 8 and E3.

Well we don’t have the June NPD data Reggie, but May has just been released and although you’ve had a hike in sales, you’re still in third place.  PlayStation 4 was the bestselling console for the fifth month in a row. “May 2014’s hardware growth was due to Xbox One and PS4,” notes NPD analyst Liam Callahan, “but there was also year-over-year growth for the Wii U and PS Vita.”


If we factor in the hand held consoles then the news is a little better for Nintendo with the 3DS grabbing second place, but still trailing behind the PlayStation 4.

The Vita has had a boost thanks to Borderlands 2 and the redesigned console, whilst Mario and chums helped the Wii U improve.  It is good news for Nintendo on games sales, Mario Kart 8 took second place, beaten to the chequered flag by Watch Dogs. Sony claimed third place with MLB 14: The Show and The Amazing Spiderman 2 took sixth, proving that movie licenses can still be an excuse for Activision to print money.

By the way, it’s very interesting how the business news is reporting the data, almost every site I have checked, including Bloomberg and BWO, use the headline “Sony Beats Microsoft in Console Sales for Fifth Month”.

Source: Gamespot / GI.Biz



  1. What would be more interesting is the actual numbers. Which appear to be secret. But they’re floating around the internet anyway (depending on how much you believe them).

    XBone sales are about 39% of PS4 sales. And only 26% more than Wii U sales. The Wii U that everyone’s written off as dead (despite Mario Karts)

    Comparing new console sales with each previous version is interesting too. PS4 sales are 547% of PS3 sales. XBone sales are just 135% of 360 sales. And Wii U is winning that race, with 555% of the Wii sales. Possibly more surprising is the fact that anyone is still buying a Wii. Are Nintendo donating them to charity (as they did in the UK) and somehow claiming that as sales?

    • The key here for Nintendo is maintaining that momentum not just for June but July and August – when the rapid sales of MK8 start to decline, also Mario Kart sold a massive amount in it’s first couple of days of sale, and no doubt they’ll paint the likely higher figures of MK for June as being indicative of a revival, but 2 days vs 30 is a good way to spin figures.

    • The X1 only selling slightly more than the Wii U is a little misleading, as Wii U is big in Japan, and while the X1 isn’t big, it hasn’t even launched there yet.

      • I don’t think the XBone launching in Japan is going to make any difference to anything at all, really. Is anyone going to buy it there?

        In fact, those figures were for the US. If you could find figures for Japan and the US, the Wii U is probably ahead of the XBone. (A situation which is unlikely to change once MS launch in Japan)

      • It’s not going to be flying off the shelves or turn it’s fortunes around, but I’d imagine there will be some sales, similar to the 360.

        Ok, just looked at last weeks vgchartz data (Used by bbc and bloomberg so can’t be that bad):
        PS4 – 122k, X1 – 38k (both are global numbers)

        In the U.S. PS4 is roughly double, in Europe, its a 5X difference…

  2. It’s not that surprising since MS revealed the One would start selling cheaper without Kinect in June. I bet there will be a jump up in sales for June, it just depends if it’s enough of a jump to beat PS4 sales for the month.

    • Agreed, it’ll be interesting to see next months figures.

      • *VERY* roughly, PS4 has been outselling Xb1 by 2:1 all year in the states.

      • I’m sure there must be a feedback effect too. People buy what their friends buy. Or tend to go for the more popular console because they want more people to play with, and it might just lead to better versions of cross-platform games, and more exclusives later on.

        Which then increases the gap, and gives more incentive to buy the more popular one.

        Now, XBone sales might have plummeted a bit in May, with the cheaper version coming in June. So now we’ve got a cheaper version available, at the same time as more bad sales figures. Is that going to help MS? I doubt MS are going to catch up in June, or even get anywhere close. I’m predicting they’ll sell just over 50% of number the PS4 does, and then back to 40% in July.

        How does it all compare to the PS3? That had a slow start, due to being very expensive and lots of mistakes from Sony. But in the end, it ended up slightly ahead, and we’ve not really reached the end for the PS3 anyway. And the differences in PS3/360 versions of games weren’t that obvious (despite what some people tried to claim). Now we’ve got the PS4 with a huge sales lead, and games that look significantly better.

        Another month of things really not going the way MS hoped for. The only weapon MS have left is to drop the price again. At which point Sony match that, nobody can afford another price drop, and both start selling more, with the PS4 still far ahead.

        Maybe they’ll take the battle to the “free” games they’re giving away?

    • Cheaper? That’s not quite true as it’s now £350 with no game or no Kinect, when you could easily get it Titanfall and Kinect for that price a month ago.

      However, image is important and it could drive sales a bit, looking like a more gamer focused console now it has dropped the accessory.

      • Apologies, may have got that wrong, I’m not sure if there was a price cut in the U.S. like there was here in the U.K.

        A different story if that is the case.

  3. Good to see the PS4 is still on top.
    The US is the strongest market for MS so if they cannot beat Sony there they’ve got no chance beating them anywhere else.

  4. I expect it will stay this way for some time. MS put off too many with their initial policies.

  5. I think Destiny will booth sales 50-50, PS4 exclusive content, probably slightly better looking/performing, and marketing, but the Xbox community has such strong ties with Bungie and will surely play a part.

  6. It will stay this way for the rest of the generation. Can’t see it changing. PS4 is doing this with a lacklustre catalogue of exclusives right now, so when it gets exclusives also, it will continue to hold its position. Plus, more people will get a PS4 as it’s what their friends and/or family have.

    Also, unlike the 360/PS3 situation, Xbox doesn’t have the brand power and legacy of PlayStation which is what allowed the PS3 to catch up to the 360 and overtake it, despite releasing a year later and being overpriced.

  7. I don’t think the outlook is as bad for Nintendo as people are making out, they offer something different and if your going to buy a second console that will be it. It won’t be a runaway success like wii but that’s there own fault for failing to capitalise on the early release and making the console seem like a ps3\360+ rather than next gen. Besides Nintendo are rolling in cash unlike Sony and MS.

    The big problem is for Microsoft is where they go from here as they are passing the early adoption point, as MrYd says people want to game with there friends and therefore will purchase the console other people have. PS3 was only really saved by the recession causing a long console cycle and a loss leading attempt with the slim. It’s difficult to see that happening again. Christmas will be the big battleground and both consoles will be relying on 3rd parties.

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