TSA FIFA World Cup: Round of 32 Draw & Fixtures

The real World Cup is now under way in Brazil and England have already predictably lost their 1st game, though slightly less predictably, Holland spanked Spain 5-1! Though we’ve had a slight delay in getting started, thanks to that pesky E3 taking everyone’s time on TSA, we’re just about ready to get under way with our very own TSA World Cup.

Random.org always comes in very useful for these tournaments and once again it was used to draw which player was going to play as which nation throughout this tournament. First, those that played in the TSA Ultimate Team tournament and finished in the top 8 were randomly assigned teams from the bottom half of the draw (going off the official FIFA rankings). Once that was done, everybody else was drawn a random nation from those that remained.

One point of note here is that all 32 World Cup nations are not represented in FIFA 14 so where that was the case, the official FIFA rankings were referred to and another nation was chosen for the player with a world ranking as close to the originally drawn team as possible.

The team you will play with throughout this tournament is written next to your TSA ID. If this team is a replacement for who you were originally drawn, then that team is in brackets as EA saw fit to not include them in FIFA 14.


  • Please have your matches completed by 18:00PM BST on Tuesday 24th June 2014.
  • Once your match is completed please make sure you post your final score in the forum thread here.
  • Use a combination of the comments section of this article, the forum thread here or PSN to get your matches arranged.
  • Each tie is one leg only. Whoevers name is mentioned 1st below playing at home i.e. they send the game invite.
  • If the tie is a draw at 90 minutes you must both select extra time and penalties to decide the outcome. EDIT: If the tie is a draw at 90 minutes, FIFA 14 no longer has the option for extra time and penalties in online friendlies, so you must replay the match until there is a winner.
  • If you are attempting to get your match arranged but your opponent isn’t responding please let us know in the forum thread and we will do what we can to help or assign a replacement from the reserves.
  • Replacements players will only be used during the first round, after which any player retiring or forfeiting their match will see their opponent receive a bye into the next stage of the tournament.

Please note the change with regard to extra time, which is no longer available in FIFA 14 for online friendlies. You must instead replay the tie until there is a winner.

Round of 32 draw

In the following table, everyone is paired up and their team revealed. When someone’s PSN ID differs from their TSA ID, this is in brackets, while substitute teams for those not in FIFA 14 are marked by an asterisk and clarified below the table.


Replacement Teams

Where countries that qualified for the World Cup were not in FIFA 14, the following nearby replacements were used:

  1. Croatia (18) was replaced by Ukraine (16)
  2. Algeria (22) was replaced by Slovenia (25)
  3. Japan (46) was replaced by Peru (45)
  4. Ghana (37) was replaced by Egypt (36)
  5. Costa Rica (28) was replaced by Scotland (27)
  6. Nigeria (44) was replaced by Venezuela (40)
  7. Iran (43) was replaced by Austria (42)
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina (21) was replaced by Denmark (23)
  9. Honduras (33) was replaced by Sweden (32)
  10. South Korea (57) was replaced by Norway (55)


In the instance that one of the above players has to withdraw during the first round

  1. HatifH (Azian-Temptazian)
  2. SpaaarKY
  3. xblakie_chanx
  4. shelda-
  5. 1acemak (Hate_RealMadrid)
  6. shoebak (Sh0bista)
  7. AH_Erazor

Good luck in your matches, please don’t forget to post your scores in the forum thread here.


  1. Ireland still couldn’t qualify… :(

    Time to try and familiarise myself with the Côte d’Ivoire- all I know so far is that they do not like being called the Ivory Coast, and have Yaya Toure, Drogba and a pretty decent squad. :P

    • I’ve played a few friendlies with a mate and I can tell you Ivory Coast are OP as hell. Most of the squad are fast and strong. Just use it to your advantage!

  2. Oh good first round exit coming up. Even if I’m Spain lol.

  3. I got Greeze, never heard of them before :P

    • When’s best for you to play mate?

      • I can play whenever bud, I sent you a friend request. Just send me a message on PS4 and we can sort a time out.

  4. Hopefully Uruguay are more organised than they was against Costa. Be easy on me Roy. I work evenings well 3-11 so available anytime before that or we can do a weekend

  5. Happy with France, could of been a lot worse!

    • You won’t be happy after the mighty Dutch have won ;)

  6. Never played as Denmark so not really sure how good they are. Not that it matters with my FIFA ability. LegendishThingy I’m available pretty much all time but would prefer not to play when the World Cup is on unless that’s the only times you can play.

  7. Woo Germany! Colombia will be tough though, that team has so much pace.

  8. Jimmy-Google, Sir, I have sent you a friend request. Let me know when you’re free for a game… Please be gentle using Argentina against my Peru squad.

    • I’m free most evenings, especially inbetween world cup matches. The world cup has left me a little rusty on fifa so playing with Peru may not be as bad as you think

  9. Gazaldo, we meet again. What are the chances of that? lol

    • haha brilliant.. And I even work for a big swedish furniture company!

      Should be a good even game again

  10. best get practicing my Slovenian!

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