Batman: Arkham Knight’s PS4 Exclusive Content To Feature “Undead Army”

Earlier today Batman: Arkham Knight’s date may have been leaked by Microsoft, though it was contrary to what Kevin Conroy stated for when the finale of the series would release. Now it appears Sony has lifted the lid on the exclusive content PS4 owners will get in the game, and it looks like Scarecrow is raising the undead in the Scarecrow Nightmare Pack.

Gotham falls victim to Scarecrow’s fear toxin, transforming the famous city into a twisted, hellish nightmare in the Batman: Arkham Knight Scarecrow Nightmare Pack. Tear through the city in the all-new batmobile and face off against a towering vision of Scarecrow and his undead army as they spread terror on the streets, available exclusively on Playstation 4.

I don’t expect the dead to actually rise in the DLC, but instead this to be a side effect from a toxin Scarecrow releases on Batman. Maybe you’ll be forced to run over these undead in the Batmobile. There’s no other details besides what’s on the PlayStation site, but it pays to be cautious. After all last time news came from the site was stating Watch Dogs being at 60fps, which turned out to be incorrect.

Source: via Gameranx



  1. Boo to exclusive dlc, I wish they’d stop doint that. Just focus on making great content for everyone.

  2. Get. In!

    Go Sony :-)

  3. Sounds good fun, although didn’t Scarecrow state that Batman was immune to his toxin now as he had conquered his fear? Some sort of gibberish along those lines in the trailer anyway.

  4. F**k exclusive DLC. I own a PS4 so won’t be missing out but I hate when companies do this.

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