Microsoft Store Lists Batman Arkham Knight For A February Release

Over on the Microsoft store, you might notice that Batman: Arkham Knight has a release date. The game was recently delayed from later this year to 2015, and we might be seeing it on the 24th of February next year – the same day as the recently announced release date for The Witcher 3, which faced a similar delay.

Of course, store listings aren’t always the most accurate of things, and releasing the same day as another huge (and hugely anticipated) PS4 and Xbox One title might be a bit of an odd move, so could we be seeing next generation Batman a bit earlier?

Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, stated recently that the game would be releasing in January. Now, either Batman’s wrong, or Microsoft are at fault. And Batman can’t be wrong.

We previewed Arkham Knight recently, looking at the upgrades to the combat system and the vehicular combat in particular. It’s shaping up to be another great entry into the series.



  1. Cannot wait for this, i just replayed Arkham City on the PC, great game and its really got me in the mood for this.

    I also picked up witcher 2 which im thoroughly enjoying too, so roll on witcher 3.

  2. Surely that date would be commercial suicide, as alot of people will like both W3 and Batman (myself included).

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