News Snatch: Final Fantasy Explorers, Blacklight: Retribution And Freedom Wars

Greetings, Snatchlings! More games and stuff then starting with Final Fantasy Explorers, a multiplayer action RPG in which you battle Summons and collect crystals has been revealed.  Jobs and classes from the Final Fantasy series will be represented in the four players co-op game, and you will battle the different generations of Summons including fan favourite Ifrit.

If you want to download the No Man’s Sky trailers in glorious 1080p, click here. To access the “beta” then click here.


A German video game magazine is reporting that Crytek are in serious financial difficulties and may go bankrupt. We’ve not heard anything to support this so we hope it is not true.

Still playing the Battlefield: Hardline beta? You sadist, I bet you kick puppies as well. As a reward for anyone still shooting at texture free walls, absolutely everything will be unlocked this week for you to try.

In a matter of hours the official “That wizard came from the moon!” Destiny T-shirt has become a best seller. Well played, Bungie. Well played.

A launch trailer for this week’s GRID Autosport.

Alien: Isolation is “about 15 hours long because we’ve got so much to do with the narrative and all the different mechanics of the Alien.”

I’m not sure I could stretch “Arrgh! Alien! Run and hide!” to fifteen hours but we must have faith.

Capture the Flag mode is back in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It was absent from CoD: Ghosts.

There is going to be a Dead Rising movie, released first on Sony’s Crackle service in the United States. Don’t expect a big budget extravaganza.

A rather amusing 15 minute mini movie starring those amusing Team Fortress 2 chaps.

The chap in charge of Oculus Rift has been blowing his own trumpet again.

There’s no holding this back. This is going to take off like wildfire and it is going to be, within some number of years, almost every household out there will be enjoying VR. Everybody will have experienced VR just like they have experienced the computer or the mobile smartphones.

I’m sure he has faith in his product but if people cannot be bothered to sit with a set of 3D specs on their face, as shown by the lacklustre sales of 3D televisions, why on earth would they put up with something even bigger than completely obscures their view?

Unity can now be used to make PlayStation Mobile games. Yay!

We, a video games site, are posting a trailer for a movie about video games which features footage from trailers. I’m sure that’s meta, or something.

Remember Blacklight: Retribution, that Free-to-play thing you downloaded when your day one PS4 arrived and then you never touched? Well it’s coming out of the Beta stage tomorrow. The full version includes two new PvP maps, three new maps for Co-Op PvE mode: DeathMetal, Terminus and Lockdown. Also improved  are the controls, the frame rate plus a new weapon, the Compound Bow.

“Streamers in Onslaught can now interact with their viewers via new streaming capabilities which enable viewers to vote on player mods that positively and negatively impact the streamer’s play experience,” says the press release. I guess that works a little like Dead Nation’s interactive stream.

Oh Rockstar, you cheeky chaps! If you can’t read that caption it says “Especially if we’re planning on releasing a full priced update a year later.”

Also sitting on cheeky step are Insoniac, who posted the video above after the OMG No Lady Assassins controversy. The video shows a female hooded figure bouncing across the world of Sunset Overdrive.
The day one patch for Sniper Elite 3 is 10GB. That is not a typo.

“While we understand gamers will be frustrated at the wait, the good news is that the update will actually reduce the size of the game’s total install footprint on their hard drive, and reduce the size of future patches significantly,” said Rebellion.

And Finally, some hoverboard action from Freedom Wars.



  1. Great to hear Blacklight is finally coming out of beta. I thought it was a really good online shooter.

  2. Do we know what platform the new Final Fantasy game is coming out on?

    • 3DS

      • I thought so from the art work. I was just living in hope it would be multi platform.

  3. 10 GB for a patch!!
    “get the f**k out of here”
    in my best Axel Foley voice!
    that’s as big as some games.

    • The whole of sniper elite 2 is smaller than that patch, in point of fact.

  4. Both Final Fantasy Explorers and Freedom Wars look great – hopefully they’ll live up to it!

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