Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Confirmed But Only For iOS

2K Games has confirmed that Civilization Revolution 2 does exist, and will be releasing on July 2nd. But, the game will only be coming to iOS at the moment with no other platforms confirmed. Furthermore it will work on the iPhone 4s and above, the iPad 2 and later models, both iPad mini models, and only the 5th generation iPod Touch. If you have earlier devices then the game will be unplayable.

Civilization Revolution 2 will include new units such as Aircraft Carriers, new technology with lasers being introduced, new buildings and wonders including The Red Cross, and new Scenario Challenges, which will let you re-enact moments from history. It’s unfortunate that the sequel doesn’t look like it will be coming to console any time soon, as the original Revolution was supposedly a rather decent game on PS3 and Xbox 360.




  1. I quite liked Revolution actually. It’s a shame they don’t want my money yet, but it will be on Android at some point. It’d be plain stupid for it not to be.

  2. Coming to Android as well soon

    Not surprised its not coming to consoles, it didn’t work well there in my opinion, but is excellent for mobiles and tablets.

  3. If they developed this for ps4 I’d but it at the drop of a hat, original was brilliant on ps3 and I’ve been longing for something similar since.

  4. Always preferred the full pc experience but revolution was great for the on the go fix.

  5. Not interested in this for iOS but I hope they make more games like this for PS4. CivRev was great on PS3 but I’d prefer something a little closer to what they have on pc. And what they hell’s wrong with JFK’s face? It looks like he was stung in the face by 6000 killer bees.

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