New PS3 And PS4 Firmware Updates Available Today

Sony announced last night via their Twitter feed that both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 would be getting new firmware updates in the near future. According to the tweet, “both will improve system software stability during use of some features.”

This marks update 4.6 for the PS3 and 1.72 for the PS4. We’ve yet to confirm the size of the PS3 update but the PS4’s checks in at 194MB and both are available now.


Neither of the official PlayStation blogs have put up a post regarding the updates so you can probably count on them being pretty minor, with few or no visual changes.

Source: Twitter



  1. *Sigh* eventually Sony will pull their finger out and sort out the PS4 firmware :( I want my themes and custom folders back! Hell, I had to go to my friends house last night to borrow his PS3 so I could change my avatar, a feature somehow missing on PS4, Vita and their website. Sort it out Sony

    • that seems like a strange oversight on their part.

      • I change my avatar using the playstation app. Means you can also choose your own. Great feature :-)

    • But you can change your avatar on PS4 and PSVita.

      • You can only select the boring default ones from Vita/PS4. I mean avatars I’ve bought off the PSN over the years :)

      • Aha. Did not know that.

      • Well the PS4 does have the advantage of you being able to use your facebook profile picture, but still it would be nice to just have the option to change to my ‘Owned’ avatars from PS3

    • You can change your avatar from the PSN menu in settings. Did it the other day.

  2. Sony have done so well with the PS4 but with these firmware updates they are really sloooooow!

  3. Phoar, Sony. You know nothing gets the blood flowing like a miscellaneous stability update!

    Who needs those missing features 7 months down the line?

  4. instant collection is now called “members area”

  5. Strangely none of the suitability updates seems to have fixed my PS4 either having recorded anything ready for me to share. . Press the ‘share’ button and my gameplay isn’t there unless I start recording manually before I try to share it.

    Also I thought standby mode was supposed to automatically download and install demos and updates. Turned my machine on earlier for it to pop up and say’ firmware added to download queue.’

    I’d like the old friend online notifications back. MP3 and media sharing would be nice. Don’t think we’ve had any official news from Sony on these for a while.

    Still absolutely love my PS4.. would just like some things fixed and a few features added.

    • Suitability haha.. I proof read it too. I’m at work and it’s late. Meant ‘stability’. :)

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