Get Ready To Be A Wingman In Titanfall’s Next Update

Titanfall is on the verge of receiving its fourth major game update since it launched earlier this year, and Respawn have just detailed all the fixes, changes, and additions we’ll be seeing.

Probably the most exciting bit is the two new game modes on the way. Last Titan Standing Wingman is a two vs two variation of its parent mode meant for close communication and assistance between two allies. The other mode, Marked for Death, is an entirely new flavour, with both teams trying to protect a marked ally while also hunting the other team’s mark.


This update also includes an impressive 14 new burn cards, all of them focusing on Titan abilities. There will also be new Titan insignias, which are hull designs meant to make your Titan stand out from all the others. Two new Titan voice overs have also been thrown in with this update, as well as several matchmaking improvements meant to keep teams balanced and wait times short, along with a variety of other small tweaks and balances to the aesthetic and function of the game.

The best part? Everything in this update is free for anyone who owns the game. If you’re interested in the very long complete list of changes, you can check it out here. This update is slated to be out by the end of the month.

Source: via Eurogamer



  1. Do any TSA-ers play Titanfall? I played it for a while on my Xbox One, but quickly got bored of it. Killzone is so much more visceral by comparison and it left Titanfall feeling pretty lightweight and shallow for me…

    • Yep.
      Once I had finished both campaigns i jumped in to other game modes and messed around with loadouts/burncards. Still enjoying it and mixing up the modes keeps it intersting as I found the campaign too repetitive.

      • I really like it. Haven’t played Killzone but heard it’s very slow and clunky feeling, but this is from people I don’t really personally know or have much of a reason to trust their opinion but I’ve heard the same from quite a few people.

        I like to mix up the modes I do, I don’t play the game a lot but I find it easy to pick up and get into.

  2. The update is already out for anyone who cares.

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