GTA Online Heist Missions Allegedly Leaked

The Grand Theft Auto Online Heist missions have been a long time coming. No doubt Rockstar have been busy with the new generation versions of the game, as well as many other online DLC packs to keep us happy, but it looks like they’ll be on their way soon.

The leak comes from DomisLive on YouTube, who previously leaked details of GTA Online’s recent Hipster update, but that’s not quite enough to go on, so let’s take this with a pinch of salt. VG247 curated the full list, which is:


Prison van rescue: Criminals intercept a noose van driven by NPCs and free the gang member then take him back to the gang house. 16 cops and 16 criminals can join the mission. Opens at rank 5 and is triggered by phone call.

Drop off hooker: Blips will appear in player’s territories. Player has to go and pick up a prostitute and drop her off somewhere. The player has a time limit.

Funeral: Gang members must escort a lieutenant’s hearse through town. Rival gang members have to get in the hearse and destroy it. This triggers after Escort Crook Boss if the boss is killed. Funeral home coords 410, – 1485.

Territory Takeover: Players can fight to take over territory in the game, this will produce a revenue stream for them.

Fight Gangmate: Two teams have to have a fist fight with each other. The gang lieutenant gets two team mates to have a fight as part of the initiation.

Cop Territory: Cops are put onto the territory take over missions, they get no choice whether to take them or not.

Ornate Bank Heist: Get behind the counter of the bank, hack into the vault, steal the money and take it to the drop off location. 16 cops and 4 criminals can join this mission.

FIB Grab: Abseil down the FIB tower, break in, download data, escape. 4 crew, 3 abseilers, 1 driver, 16 cops and 4 criminals can join this mission. All 4 heli to FIB roof, 3 abseil down tower, smash window into office and hack a data terminal to get classified data. Meanwhile, driver dumps chopper and collects getaway car and escape to gang house.

Skydive out office to getaway car and escape to gang house. Cops join once crook is inside the office, cops are told to arrest the crooks. FIB office has AI agents that must be shot, 2 waves of AI agents enter based on hack progress. Shoot to kill.

Those all sound very fun, and online heists could work really well. They were a highlight of the story mode, so teaming up with a few friends might be even better.

Source: VG247/DomisLive



  1. That sounds great to be honest. :-) Really looking forward to this.

  2. I’ve not played GTA Online for a few weeks now (a bit obsessed with Watch Dogs atm). Looking forward to delving into all this, either back on the PS3 or when the next gen version arrives.

  3. Been a long time coming, but sounds good!

    Although co-operating with randoms that don’t want to co-operate could be an uphill struggle.

  4. As someone who’s just got into Payday 2 after picking it up in the Steam sale, these sound brilliant.

    Is there any more news on when we can expect the PS4 version?

  5. These dont sound legit to me. I mean, the ONLY 1’s that even remotely come close are the last two, but even they dont sound right. On top of that…..32 players isnt happening on PS3.
    Honestly if this is what they have been working on im GREATLY dissatisfied, & I will NOT be playing anymore. Glob I hope this is not the HEISTS. This sounds unimaginative, boring, overhyped, & just plain half assed.

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