Battlefield Hardline Will Be Getting Another Beta In The Autumn

Visceral Games’ VP, Steve Papoutsis, has taken to the Battlefield blog to thank players for taking part in the Battlefield: Hardline beta, which ended today. In the blog post he gave reasons as to why this beta launched so early, stating that Visceral wanted as much feedback as possible to ensure a smooth launch for Hardline. If you’ve been following the Battlefield series then you’ll know that both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 had problematic multiplayer.


Steve Papoutsis also said that we’ll hear more about Visceral’s approach to the single player campaign of Hardline, and how it will be different to other entries in the series. He states it will be more like a well written TV show, but until seen in action I’ll reserve judgement on that statement. The multiplayer will see the return of old modes as well as the introduction of new ones, with maps varying from underground grow labs to the bustling streets of Miami.

Furthermore a second beta for Hardline will be launching in the Autumn on all announced platforms for the game, which means players on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC will be able to sample the shootfest before launch in October. This beta will apparently show more of the game, which could mean another mode and different maps though that is unconfirmed.

Source: Battlefield Blog



  1. “The second beta” = Demo

    As for BFH, my feedback to EA is, you’re a bunch of money grabbing bastards with the cheek to put this title out as a full release, when in reality it should be treated as DLC.

    my feedback to Visceral, you done well reskinning BF4 and making the gameplay worse than BF4.

    BFH was terrible in the beta IMO. I wont be buying.

    • I agree, could easily be DLC, and should not be full price.

      I see it as Visceral getting to grips with Frostbite 3 and experience in shipping a next gen game, ready for their big Star Wars title.

      Having said that, if you forget about the bugs, BF4 is technically very impressive, so you could say, why throw away all that good code?

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