The Destiny Beta On Xbox Consoles May Be Launching A Week Or Two After PlayStation

Videogamer is reporting that the Destiny Beta on Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be launching a week or two after the PlayStation beta launches. This news comes via a trailer for the game, and Videogamer posted a screenshot which showed the message.


So late July will be the time Xbox One & 360 owners can access the beta, as long as a pre-order for Destiny is put in. Remember, that is the only way you’ll be able to access Destiny before its launch on September 9th. Though I really enjoyed the Alpha I think I’ll hold off until release. The beta on PS3 and PS4 will be launching on July 17th, with it likely to make available some more areas and modes to try out, and hopefully increasing the alpha level cap so players can try out more equipment.

Source: Videogamer



  1. does anyone if you can pre order on the store and then cancel but still get the beta code?, don’t want download version as will likely be a lot of GBs and really don’t wanna have to order through Game as I can’t stand them, and I’ve found Amazons release day delivery to be less than reliable. I may just go with Game if I have to though.

    • You might not be able to cancel a preorder on the psn store. Why not use shopto? They’ve never let me down on release day.

  2. I’m with Aran on this one I think. This is the one game I’m actually looking forward to this year, and I want it to be fresh on release day rather than already being semi burnt out due to too much beta. So I’ll just pick it up day one in a store.

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