Destiny Is Destined For A Teen Rating, Which Could Be A PEGI 12 In Europe

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) of North America has rated upcoming MMO title Destiny as Teen title, which is reserved for people who are 13 and above. In Europe the closest rating to this would be the PEGI 12 rating, though the game is yet to be given a certification over here. This is a marked change from Bungie’s Halo series which received Mature ratings in North America, and PEGI 16 ratings in Europe.


It isn’t really a surprise that Destiny isn’t going to get a high age rating, particularly because Bungie want the game to appeal to a wide an audience as possible. The game has “animated blood” & violence but not enough to push it to a higher rating. Remember, if you want to experience the Destiny beta then you have to pre-order the game, or you can wait until the September 9th release date when Destiny releases worldwide.

Source: Polygon



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