Styx: Master Of Shadows Gameplay Trailer Sneaks Out

A 14 minute gameplay trailer for Styx: Master Of Shadows has been released by Focus Interactive, showing off the goblin going about his business of sneaking and assassinating. Though not a familiar character to most this isn’t Styx’s first appearance in a game, having been part of the main duo in Of Orcs & Men. That was a game I reviewed giving it a score of 5/10, praising the story and characters that were let down by poor gameplay.


Hopefully Cyanide Studio has gone back to the drawing board, and have created a game that could really build around a rather interesting character and scenario. In the game Styx has to fight to the top of the Tower of Akenash to find out his origins, as he is the first intelligent goblin. The tower is protected by both humans and elves who would rather not have the secrets leaked out by Styx.

Styx: Master Of Shadows is releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC later this summer.

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  1. Is the a sequel to Styx on the ZX Spectrum? ;o)

    • Maybe showing my age but I don’t care!

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