Bungie Details The Trophies You’ll Be Able To Achieve In Destiny

A new Destiny Q&A has been published on Bungie’s website giving some new information about the game, including the trophies/achievements players will be able to earn. There’s a veritable variation of trophies to unlock with some naturally requiring working with other players, while others can be earned solo. Bungie has uploaded a nice infographic to show the names of the trophies, what needs to be done to unlock them, and their symbols too. However, there isn’t a show of what type of trophy they are, or the amount of gamerscore Xbox players will be awarded.



Bungie has also stated that the duration of the beta is not yet known, and Xbox players will gain access to the beta after others. The Ghost dialogue script as also been updated for the beta, and it will be updated after the beta has finished for the game’s launch. It looks like Destiny will also get a Collector’s Edition, though what that will contain won’t be announced until just before the beta starts.

Source: Bungie



  1. Calling it now, every trophy is a platinum trophy.

  2. My first question – will there be a TSA clan?

    • I assume the TSA community will rally together to take on the world.

    • I don’t usually join clans, but if TSA put something together I just might.

    • There already is :)

  3. That collectors edition better be real crap, cause I’ve already pre-ordered it on PSN.

  4. Sounds like a long ground of a platinum to me, fully upgrading each of the three classes. Sounds like you’ve got to play through it three times. Should be fun but I doubt I’ll have the endurance to stick at it that long.

  5. Disappointed.

    I want a trophy entitled ‘that wizard came from the MOON’, or i’m cancelling my pre-order.

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