EA Details The Community’s Most Wanted For Battlefield Hardline

It’s only been about a week since the Battlefield Hardline beta came to a close, but it appears Visceral and EA are already hard at work putting the feedback they received from the beta to good use.

In a recent post on the Battlefield Blog, EA detailed something they’re calling ‘Community’s Most Wanted’, which is a piece dedicated to both user feedback and upcoming changes in light of that feedback. Aside from a list of ten things they learned from the beta, Battlefield Hardline Lead Multiplayer Designer, Thad Sasser, also stated that this piece will continue through the second multiplayer beta and all the way up to launch.


Below is the first round of changes they’re making based on user feedback.

There was a lot of feedback about slow movement speed and feeling “sluggish”.  We’ve increased player speed by 10%, and players will get a +10% bonus for running with your pistol out.  It feels much faster now!

There were a lot of negative comments about the camera “bounce” when suppressed.  We’ve changed the way suppression works – your aimpoint is no longer affected, but your situational awareness is.

We’ve heard both sides of the argument on the Survivalist gadget, it is pretty polarizing.  Some of you hate it, some of you love it – either way, we agree it was overpowered.  We’ve changed it to revive you at 1 health and auto-inject after 5 seconds.

A number of people called out the camera shake from this event as being too over the top.  We’re tuning this down.

Stairs in High Tension should no longer pull players into the wall.

We’ve added some feedback to help you find the objective when it’s above or below you.

We’re working on adding more special drivable vehicles like the Fuel Truck into all maps.  We’re also working on a handbrake for cars.

We’re working on the ability to “nudge” vehicles with a melee attack to help get them unstuck or to be able to move past them.  No promises, but the early prototype looks promising!

We’ve added “weak spots” in the rear of the heavily armored vehicles, making it much easier to bring them down!

We’re working on adding the Bag Carrier icon to the list of teammates inside your vehicle, so that you can tell when the bag carrier gets in your vehicle.

After Battlefield 4, gamers need a reason to believe that future Battlefield games will be in better shape on day one. Between this dialogue and a much earlier initial beta, EA and Visceral seem to at least moving in the right direction. We’ll find out if it means a better game on October 21.

Source: Battlefield Blog



  1. Nudge a vehicle with a melee attack? Are they completely mental? That’s mental, ea are mental what are they even talking about?

    • We’ve seen a similar system for tipped vehicles in games like Halo, but it seems really out of place in Battlefield.

      • It’s complete bollocks regardless of the game unless the game is based in a zero gravity world.

      • It’s a trope of Halo games and a mighty good one as well.

        It does seem out of place in Battlefield though. If an air vehicle tips over, it’d be toy-like to just wack it back into place. I can’t say I’ve ever got a ground vehicle lodged though in Battlefield, maybe in Halo where the physics are a bit more… free and wild.

      • I have gotten APC’s, Tanks & other vehicles lodged in broken buildings more times than I care to recall in BF3. Whether meleeing a vehicle to free it feels out of place in BF or not, I can’t really say, but I think that a way to dislodge lodged vehicles wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

        Quite like the idea of teamwork & a QTE (or something) that was mentioned, which would in turn keep it somewhat more realistic, but how feasible that is in the middle of a firefight remains to be seen. That said, it would lead to more tactical thinking of whether it is worth saving the vehicle, or just getting the hell outta dodge.

        So overall, I like the premise, but not entirely sure how I would feel about attempting to shank an APC.

    • A quick and dirty way to handle stuck vehicles. They did the same thing for beached boats in BF4. You could budge a big attack boat back into the water single-handedly with your knife, haha. It would be better if you could initiate a quick time event or something with your teammates in order to move an object.

    • It’s a battlefield 4 clone, it’s a battlefield 4 clone.

      Add something new.

      They are changing battlefield, They are changing battlefield.

      I am confused on what people actually want from battlefield these days, do you want more of the same or something that is a tiny bit different.

      This is not an attack i should point out, i love battlefield, but i am just confused because i have read so many things about this game i just don’t understand anymore lol

      • I don’t think it’s that people expect radical advances with each new iteration.

        But being charged full game price for what is essentially a re-skin and some new maps?

        Sorry EA, no dice. (yep, I went there)

      • Thats what i mean tho, battlefield 3 and 4 looked very similar with a few tweaks and what not, but now they are doing it with hardline and some people are NO.
        Then they say they are going to make changes and other people are NO those changes are not battlefield.

        I just don’t get it. I appreciate that the dev has a dammed if they do dammed if they don’t situation going on, i just hope they realize quite quickly that full price is not gonna fly for this game. At least then it may have a fighting chance.

      • Given how little they’ve shown of Star Wars Battlefront who is seriously expecting that to be anything other than BF4 clone with a Star Wars skin too?!

      • An interesting point. Call of duty and Battlefield managed to pin a decent enough formula (one that sold) in the last generation, but now with all the new tech, surely they have to move forward. Question is, will they, and how.

  2. 11. Making it the DLC it should’ve been in the first place.

    I enjoyed the Hardline beta, I did, but it should be Battlefield 4 DLC.

  3. Nice to see a far more open relationship between developers and gamers, but I doubt I’ll be getting this unless the single player is something special. The MP beta could have just been a mod for BF4.

  4. Will the game work when it’s released?

  5. 1,6,9,10 sound like common sense. 7 is just hilarious, as I can just picture someone sticking mines/C4 to not a jeep, but a giant fuel tanker and then driving it in to a tank or building. Crazy.

  6. I’m being tempted and I don’t want to be after the last BugFest.

  7. My most wanted to BF Hardline – Fix BF4 first!!!

    • What about it specifically though? I am guessing you mean the issues with single player progress (when playing sp & then switching to mp losing progress jobby)?

      I guess this as we played multiplayer recently & aside from a little connection issues (which can happen with any game), it was pretty much faultless.

      My performance however was plentiful in faults! ;)

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