The Witcher MOBA Announced For Mobile & Tablets

CD Projekt Red has formerly announced The Witcher Battle Arena, an upcoming 3v3 MOBA exclusively for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The game has been specifically built with mobile and tablet devices in mind, presenting players a intuitive albeit accessible UI.


Battle Arena, as the name suggests, will pit two teams of characters against one another, either online, with friends, or in singleplayer. CD Projekt Red seem to be sticking with the genre’s core features offering a roster of playable characters, each with its own scalable abilities.

One point the developer was keen to make is that Battle Arena will be completely free-to-play. It has clarified that there are no pay-to-win options available, each of the game’s unlocks being made available through player progress. Strangely enough, however, CD Projekt Red also confirmed that short cuts will be made purchasable for those wanting to speed up the process.

Expect to see Battle Arena launch in Q4 2014.


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  1. So it’s not pay to win, but it is. Seems like everything is getting a MOBA, at least this stands out by being a mobile title.

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