TSA FIFA World Cup: Week Three Results and Fixtures

We’ve been playing catch up with the TSA World Cup this week with some round of 32 matches played (that were scheduled for 2 weeks ago) and some round of 16 matches. Despite this we’re still a little behind where we’d like to be at this point, so if you’ve not gotten around to playing your matches yet from either the round of 32 or round of 16 please do so as soon as possible!

Round of 32

There were three matches played from the round of 32 this week, leaving us with two matches left that are still yet to be played. Baggyg was originally allocated Croatia for this tournament, but since they’re not in FIFA 14 we swapped them for Ukraine. Well it turns out EA Sports neglected to include them in the game too, so we had to allocate them a third team. Looking at the official FIFA rankings, all of the teams with a similar rank to Croatia were already allocated, so we gave him France. This means France are represented twice in this tournament but sadly we couldn’t really think of another way around that!

So Baggyg played his round of 32 match with his newly allocated France team and progressed into the round of 16 with a 2-1 win over Chamone’s Belgium team in extra time. AMARMUFC took Brazil into the round of 16 thanks to a 1-0 win over Marvzilla’s Switzerland and Norway also managed to make it to the last 16 thanks to dellboy1983’s 5-0 win over GazPhillips’ Sweden team.

So still two matches to be played then from the round of 32, which are:

  • Zander14rfc (Italy) Vs Vaile23 (Slovenia)
  • XBLakie_ChanX (Greece) Vs Azian_Temptazian (England)

Round of 16

World Cup favourite YungJones managed to take Cameroon into the quarter finals thanks to his 3-0 win over JustTaylorNow’s Uruguay team. AMARMUFC then played his second match of the week and took the mighty Brazil into the quarter finals with a 3-1 win over Amphlett’s Peru team. PILLAI7’s France team swept past LFC-Gaz’s Germany with a 4-2 win – perhaps a portent for the real world match up? – and Jonny_Bolton’s Russia spanked Pixel_nme’s Egypt 7-1!

iMegatron-81 managed to knock out dividsmythe’s Spain team with a 2-0 win for their Venezuela team and to finish off the week’s round of 16 results Austria progressed to the quarter finals thanks to LegendishThingy’s 3-1 win over Dellboy1983’s Norway team.

There are still 2 matches to be played in the round of 16 which are:

  • colmshan1990 (Ivory Coast) Vs baggyg (France)
  • The winners of the two round of 32 matches that remain.

That squares us off for this week’s rather messy round up. As stated above, if you’ve still got games to be played from the previous rounds please do get them played as soon as possible, so you don’t hold up the tournament. If you think you won’t be able to get them played please let us know so we can fill your place with a reserve, but in the interests of time, we may start handing out byes, so we can get up to speed.

See below for the tournament tree so far, with this coming week’s match ups highlighted by the tourquoise connecting lines on the right hand side:



  1. Must have just missed the post. Round of 16 game ended Colshan1990 2 – 5 BaggyG (after the first was a goalless draw). Setting up me against Yung Jones again in a repeat of the Tournament semi final from last time.

    • I can confirm this.

      Tight tense tactical game first up in a 0-0 draw before good defending went out the window in a 5-2 loss for me.

      Hoping to see a France v France final now!

  2. MAN I TOOK A BEATIN :D I was just happy i got a goal lol congratulations and good luck to all still in the competition.

  3. I also took a drubbing 2 0 only says the half of it. I only had 1 short on goal if I remember right and that was dire.

    Anyway good luck to all left in tournament especially iMegatron.

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