Rob Pardo Ends His 17 Year Run At Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard’s Chief Creative Office, Rob Pardo, hadannounced he is to leave the developer after 17 years of being part of the team. The announcement was made by him on the forums earlier today, and in it he stated that the decision was “difficult and bittersweet.”

I’m really proud of the contributions I was able to make to Blizzard’s accomplishments. From building lasting games, to supporting the growth of eSports, to extending the Warcraft world into a feature film, and of course to being able to celebrate our shared passions with the Blizzard community online and at BlizzCon.

The Blizzard community is ultimately the reason why we come to work every day and pour our souls into every world and experience we create. Blizzard’s players are the most passionate in the world and your commitment and dedication are truly awesome to behold.

As to what I will be doing next, I don’t have an answer for you yet . . . but I will “when it’s ready.” My priorities are to enjoy the summer with my family, play plenty of games, and think about what’s next.

It’s a huge departure for Blizzard and though the company will no doubt have ways to manage, as well as candidates to step up to the opening presented. During his tenure Rob Pardo would have been present for the rise of Diablo, the World Of Warcraft’s steamrolling of the MMO space, & the increasing popularity of the Starcraft franchise, both among fans and in esport competition. We’d like to wish the best to Rob, and hope he finds a new calling he enjoys.



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  1. He probably left because they shut down his project: WARCRAFT IV. Do it Blizzard!!!

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