Battlefield 4 Celebrates Independence Day With Sparkling Grenades

July 4th, the day those naughty people over the pond committed treason and broke away from the mother land, has been celebrated in a Battlefield 4 Easter egg.


Grenades now explode in a sparkle of red, white and blue and jet aircraft will leave similarly patriotic trails in their wake. There is also a delightful firework show but sadly no giant space craft decimating the city in the background. On the plus side, no Will Smith either.

Happy Independence Day to all our American readers!

Source: YouTube



  1. Damn colonials.

    I jest.

    May you celebrate the birth of your nation by blowing up a small piece of it ^_^

  2. Somehow I doubt that similarly extravagant celebrations will be included in the game for other nations’ celebrations days.

  3. That’s pretty cool, I’ll have to play some Battlefield today. I have a feeling DICE won’t do this for the Swedish national day, which is a bit sad on their part.

  4. I’m happy with my GTA V Independence Day offerings. Muskets and silly hats also!

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