Warframe Devs To Be Sold To Chicken Farmers. Really, They Are.

No it is not April 1st but it is Friday, the day for odd news, although I don’t think anyone could have predicted the headline above.

Digital Extremes, the chaps behind a load of pinball games and the free to play shooter RPG, Warframe, have agreed a deal in which they will be acquired by two Chinese companies. The first is Perfect World, a company that specialises in MMORPGS with Chinese characteristics. They have a history of buying western developers having purchased Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes) back in May 2011.


The second company grabbing a slice of the Digital Extremes pie is Sumpo Food Holdings. They are a “well-known chicken meat products suppliers in Fujian” and “ranked 44th out of 90 amongst the Competitive Enterprises of Meat Products Industry in the PRC in 2008.”

Sumpo are the main suppliers for KFC in the region and their website lists a number of awards, including “National Model Enterprise for Processing and Export of Agricultural Products” and “Products without public hazard”.  If you want a hazard free chicken wing in Fujian, then these are your guys.

I don’t think I am ever going to top that last sentence, so I shall stop writing.

Source: Sumpo Food Holdings



  1. Bought the company for some poultry fee, no doubt.

  2. It’s eggcellent news for the developers

  3. I hope they don’t cock it up

    • Okay, you win the day.

      • Ta. Omelette other people have their say now.

      • Please stop these yokes.

      • Don’t stop 3shirts, lay some more on me, they’re cracking me up!

    • Did 3shirts take all the best (worst) puns , and leave me standing here like an oeuf..?

  4. I wish them the breast of luck.

  5. Let’s hope they don’t cock it up.

    • Wait, that’s already taken! Ehm, I got nothing. Not in English anyway.

      Lat oss håpe det ikkje går den vegen høna sparkar!

      • I am currently in Denmark for the summer. We should meet up :) !

  6. Lovely to know that they are encouraging food companies to make products without public hazard.

    • I’ve always preferred my meals with an element of danger. :-P

  7. Lets hope Fowl luck doesn’t follow this buy out.
    I’d hate to see another developer get Clucked over by new owners.
    I guess they have not Plucked this out of thin air though, and have some long term plans to re-Coup their investment.


  8. i was gonna make some lame pun, but it was really fowl, so i chickened out.

  9. Clucking bell!

  10. What attracted them to warframe? Is it because it’s COOPerative multiplayer?

    Sorry, that’s all I got.

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