Some Hints To The Story Of The Talos Principle Revealed By Croteam

Croteam is best known for the Serious Sam games in which you shoot various aliens in the face, so when the company announced The Talos Principle it was a bit unexpected. Instead of creating another first person shooter the developer decided upon a first person puzzler instead. According the post on the PS Blog The Talos Principle was born out puzzle designs created for Serious Sam 4, which itself has been scheduled for Q4 2014.


The story of The Talos Principle puts you in the body of a robot navigating a digital mock up of the ancient world, all while an omnipresent voice talks to you. There isn’t much more details but the works of Philip K Dick have had an influence on the game’s story, though which ones again unclear since there’s quite the difference between ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep’, and ‘The Man In The High Castle.’ I’d say we’re looking much more towards the former though, given the character players will control.

The Talos Principle will release on PC, Mac, Linux and PS4 later this year.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I like the idea behind it and hope they can pull it off. Curious about how it fleshes out.

  2. A philosophical puzzler from the creators of Serious Sam – now that is a surprise!

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