There Are Twitch, Netflix And Video Problems On Xbox Live

I am sure you are all very busy at work so the probably does not affect you, but the Xbox Live service is having a little spasm this morning and having problems with video related services.



Purchase and content usage is “limited” with specific mention that television seasons already purchased from Xbox Video will not work. Netflix on Xbox One is also a bit wonky with “issues with resuming playback” and Twitch is also having “issues trying to play content on the Twitch application.”

For further updates, click this link with alarming regularity until your mouse hand hurts.



  1. Nice that they have a checklist like that to present what’s working and not working. Does PSN have anything like that I wonder.

  2. Yeah, it would have:

    1) Unplanned Maintenance
    2) Planned Maintenance
    3) Extended Maintenance
    4) Peak Time Maintenance
    5) Stuff Europe Maintenance
    6) Break the PSN Store Maintenance
    7) Offer PS+ items very late Maintenance

    • Haha Brilliant. You could bet it’d be one of them every day of the week.

  3. That’s one of the nice features of the Xbox one I use that site quite regular as it at least tells you there is an issue and that they know about it,also on the Xbox itself in network it also tells you if there are issues with anything,would be nice to have something similar on PS4 instead of thinking mmm that doesn’t seem to be working right and not knowing if there trying to fix the issue,think the issues on live have been going on over the past few days just shows live isn’t the all mighty never needs maintenance network its made out to be.

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