Valve May Bring The Steam Controller To Gamescom

Heading to Gamescom next month? Interested in seeing Valve’s new Steam controller? Well you just might be in luck, as an exhibitor profile from the Gamescom site has listed Valve as an attendee, and specifically mentions a controller in the details.

Steam Controller


Although the Steam consoles have been delayed into next year, we’ve seen rumblings around the web that the controller could release as a stand-alone device this autumn for PC. Whether or not the device has changed again from what we saw at GDC a few months ago (pictured above) remains to be seen.

Source: Gamescom site via GameSpot



  1. Still can’t see how this is going to work well after watching a video where someone really had to drag their finger multiple times across the same area to manoeuvre their character into position properly. Looked most cumbersome. Accurate but cumbersome.

  2. That pad will cause no end of frustration. Just looking at it conjures up the same irritation you feel when you get apple skin caught between your teeth. It looks awful.

  3. Hmm, they seem to have forgotten to add the analogue sticks.

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