So, There’s Going To Be A Sharknado Video Game

Movie tie-ins and the mobile gaming marketplace seem to go hand-in-hand. Without the burdening cost of AAA video game development, studios can work on smaller projects that still carry familiar names and licenses. Under no other circumstances would Sharknado: The Video Game exist.


Teaming with Majesco Entertainment, Other Ocean Interactive will bring the title to iOS later this Summer. It’s an endless runner starring TV movie protagonist Fin Shepard as he leaps between sharks with broadsword in hand.

If the name wasn’t already a dead give-away, Sharknado is a film series that doesn’t take itself seriously. Deliberately over-the-top and crammed with awkward one-liners, it actually sounds like the perfect fit for a video game.

With Sharknado 2: The Second One screening on SyFy later this month, we expect the mobile game won’t be too far behind.




  1. Hahahahaha. Tragic, yet funny.

  2. This could be utterly awesome.

    • That would be disappointing.

      It needs to be absolutely shit, like the film. Which is a perfect example of films that are so terrible they’re great.

      Seriously, anyone who hasn’t seen the film must see it. Just don’t expect anything approaching acting skills, dialogue that isn’t an embarrassment for everyone involved, a plot that makes any sense or competent special effects.

      It’s got sharks that have been pasted on afterwards. Badly. With no attempt to blend them into the rest of the picture.

      And the same explosion several times.

      The best bits, showing some ability to do a good job of making a film, are obviously FROM ANOTHER FILM. Or possibly some sort of stock footage.

      It possibly reaches Ed Wood levels of awfulness.

      I’m looking forward to the sequel. And another of their Giant Shark vs Something Else Large films. I think the latest one is a Mecha Shark. Which has so much potential it can fail to come anywhere close to achieving.

      So the only way a Sharknado game could work is if it was really, really awful. Fappy Bird levels of crapness.

      • ‘Fappy Bird’?? Is that the ‘adult’ version?? ;)

      • Yes. Don’t look up without protective goggles on. You think it’s bad when a bird shits on you from above? That’s nothing compared to the horrors of Fappy Bird.

  3. So what defines the term ‘video game’? As I have always seen it as games you look at/run through a tv/monitor in order to play, much as you would with a video (or DVD/Blu-Ray in this day & age!).

    That being the case, I would never describe an IOS or Android title as a ‘video game’ – But that being the case, what should it be in my mind? No idea. The term video game just doesn’t sit right with me for something like this though.

    Probably just me though. Nothing to see here people.

    • Its a game with a video output. What do you think that screen is on an iphone if not a video screen? Alright the term “Video” may be outdated, but it’s exactly the same sort of screen as a computer monitor, or TV set.

      • Yeah, I get that (hence why even my own post is so very conflicted!), but in my mind, a video game is something I sit down to play for hours on a console, a pc, or even to the point of arcade cabinets (not that you see many of those these days mind you).

        For me, this sort of thing firmly sits in the ‘Mobile Game’ genre, of which I generally never touch.

        Not saying there is anything wrong with the definition of course, its just for me something like this is not a ‘video game’. Even if that would be the most accurate description.

  4. They need to get on a Birdemic Shock and Terror Game………

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