TSA FIFA World Cup: Quarter Final Results

Over in the real World Cup in Brazil we’ve just witnessed history being made with Germany’s spectacular 7-1 win over Brazil in the first semi final. Was it a spectacular win by Germany, or a capitulation from Brazil? I’d argue the latter, Germany were good enough to take advantage of what was a pathetic performance from Brazil but it made me wonder, would England have been good enough to take such advantage? Would England have even won that game against an awful Brazil?

Back to the TSA World Cup and we’re just reaching the semi final stage of our very own World Cup. Last week we reported that we had fallen behind in the matches that should have been played with four matches overall that hadn’t been played. Well we’re very happy to say that we’ve totally caught up and all of those matches have now seen their results play out.

Round of 32

There were still 2 matches to be caught up on in the round of 32.

Zander14rfc (Italy) Vs Vaile23 (Slovenia)

Sadly, they found it impossible to arrange a mutually agreeable time to play the matches. Zander took a bow and graciously ducked out of the competition so Vaile progressed to face the winner of:

XBLakie_ChanX (Greece) Vs Azian-Temptazian (England)

Just like in real life, England were knocked out of the competition at the fist possible stage thanks to a 6-3 victory for Greece. I suppose we could all have seen that one coming!

Round of 16

Again there were two matches to be caught up on from the round of 16, which were:

Colmshan1990 (Ivory Coast) Vs Baggyg (France)

Big game here with two TSA stalwarts heading off against each other, as France progressing into the quarter finals thanks to a 5-2 victory.

Vaile23 (Slovenia) Vs XBLakie_ChanX (Greece)

Blakie managed to march Greece on into the quarter finals thanks to a 4-1 victory over Slovenia.

Quarter Finals

So onto the matches that were originally scheduled to be played out this week, the quarter finals!

Baggyg (France) Vs YungJones (Cameroon)

Baggy had a very tough draw against YungJones, the winner of the TSA Ultimate Team competition. The bookies all had YungJones to be firm favourites for this match but baggy had different ideas and gave him a real run for his money. Yung scored first but baggy equalised just before half time to make it 1-1 at the break. Baggy then scored another in the 80th minute to take a 2-1 lead with just 10 minutes to defend it., but Eto’o managed to equalise for Cameroon right at the death before Cameroon managed to score a third with almost the last kick of the match! YungJones progresses into the semi finals thanks to a 3-2 victory over Baggyg but by the sounds of it he was given a real run for his money!

XBLakie_ChanX (Greece) Vs AMARMUFC (Brazil)

AMARMUFC took the early lead in this match with a goal from Oscar in the 18th minute but Blakie managed to equalise in the 34th minute with a lob from outside the box from the boot of Salpingidis. This score stayed level until the 71st min where AMARMUFC’s defenders made a mistake and headed the ball back to Salpingidis who volleyed it into the back of the net 1-2. Blakie then scored in the 76th minute and again in the 79th min, both with salpingidis to make the final score Greece 4-1 Brazil, with XBLakie_ChanX progressing Greece into the semi finals. Sounds like this Salpingidis fella is quite the goal scorer!

PILLAI7 (France) Vs jonny_bolton (Russia)

This match remained 0-0 until right at the end and was all set for a replay when Benzema crossed into Ribery in the 90th minute who made no mistake and buried his header. Harsh on jonny_bolton by the sounds of it, but Russia France progress thanks to PILLAI’s 1-0 victory.

iMegatron-81 (Venezuela) Vs LegendishThingy (Austria)

This sounds like it was a very close affair with Austria taking the lead in 15 minutes and Venezuela then applying the pressure in an attempt to get an equaliser. LegendishThingy hung on and managed to score a second right near the end to take Austria through to the semis with a 2-0 victory.

So that sees us totally up to date with all matches now played and we can progress into the semi finals knowing the exact shape of who’s playing who. There’s a couple of mouth watering matches here to be played, hopefully the players will see fit to stream their matches so keep your eyes on the forum thread for details of when they might be played.

Semi-final draw

So we now know the semi finals look like this:

  • YungJones (Cameroon) Vs XBLakie_ChanX (Greece)
  • PILLA17 (France) Vs LegendishThingy (Austria)

That first semi final is a repeat of the TSA Ultimate Team competition final and should prove to be an excellent match, just as that one was.

Remember if your name is mentioned first in the tie, you play at home and therefore send the invite.

Congratulations to those that have progressed this far I’m really looking forward now to seeing how these semi-final matches play out and who reaches the final. Good luck to all those still involved, and you can check out how the tournament has progressed with the tournament trees below.

Quarter Final Results:


Round of 32 and Round of 16 results:




  1. Not a football fan but even I switched on to watch the closing minutes of last night’s game. Very funny to watch indeed. Some of the jokes flying around (on Twitter, etc) were awesome. :-)

  2. Slight error on the match analysis for France vs Russia, France progressed :p

    • Woops! Thanks, hopefully someone with more power than me can edit that right!

      • Done

      • Ta very much, now go edit your PS4 hard drive article! Lol.

  3. I love how France is the only decent team left in. Really enjoyed playing in this so far, just hope my Austrians put in a good performance in the semis!

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