White PlayStation 4 Will Be Available All On Its Own Too

Before E3, engineers specialising in the creation of plastics for consumer products, somewhere deep in a secret Sony laboratory, were hard at work perfecting the whites that would be suitable for the special Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle. A monumental combination of a highly desirable game and a decadently snow-white piece of gaming hardware.

That bundle is set to go on sale alongside the game on September 9th, but Shuhei Yoshida has now revealed to French site GameOne that the white PS4 will also be available on its own later this year, as reported by CVG earlier today.


Presumably the finance deprtment balked at the thought of spending so much money on finding the most pristine shade of plastics to use and had the marketing department draw up a Venn diagram a little like this:


As you can plainly see, there is certainly an overlap between the people who would buy a white PS4 and those who would like to buy Destiny, but there are others who would like to have a white PS4 without the game. Perhaps they still hold a grudge against Bungie over selling out to Microsoft in 2000?

Then again, maybe they’re waiting for something that can go next to their transparent N64…


Update: SCEA has been in touch to clarify that this Glacier White PlayStation 4 has been announced for Europe. In North America, it will be available as part of the Destiny bundle.

Source: GameOn, via CVG 



  1. Venn diagrams prove everything.

    • I’m pretty sure there’s a Venn diagram that can be used to illustrate this point.

  2. I do wish all consoles had a transparent variation.

  3. Sod it. I’m getting a white ps4 for my bedroom. I’ll have two ps4s. I just love it so….

  4. Think my minds made up getting the white PS4 to go with my white PS3,as my birthdays days before the destiny bundle i may call it a present to myself :D

    • My birthday isn’t until next April so I’ll have to get myself a white ps4 for your birthday too :)

  5. I wish all consoles would be available in transparent turquoise to match my N64, but until then, piano-black will do.

    I don’t spend much time looking at the system itself while playing. Unless it’s a handheld.

    In fact, white systems can be a distraction as the eyes are drawn to them due to the amount of reflected light. My Wii U proves this as it’s placed in a gathering of darker plastics.

  6. White ps4 to go with my blue superslim ps3.
    Or something

    • Ooh, stack the PS3 on top and it’ll look like an R2D2 of PlayStation!

  7. I need a white ps4 to go with my white ps3 but I’ll be trading my launch day gamer bundle with an extra ds4 and camera for a different colour plastic… This is how moths must feel when they fly into one of those zappers.

  8. I don’t see the appeal of white consoles. Consumer electronics are black.

    Transparent orange though, that’s hideous: I think the designer behind that has an entire circle of hell dedicated just to him.

  9. Venn is it coming out?

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