Elite: Dangerous Could Come To PS4 & Xbox One After PC Release

Elite: Dangerous is coming out for PC this year with a Mac version to follow afterwards, though a console port of the game hasn’t really been discussed until now. Speaking to Eurogamer Frontier’s David Braben didn’t go the whole way and give a solid yes for a PS4 and Xbox One edition of the sci fi title, but did state it was something to consider.


“I don’t want to do something that constitutes an announcement, but we would be stupid not to support other platforms, including console. We’ve done lots and lots of games over time. We’ve done first-party Sony games. We’ve done first party Microsoft games. On console. So yes, we’d be stupid not to think about it.

But the point is, we’re very focused on delivering a great PC game. We will then do the game on Mac and during that time we will be looking at other platforms as well. We’re a public company and announcements have to be properly made. But it’s obviously something we’re bearing in mind.”

The game does look like it’d be great to play, especially considering one of the main selling points is the 400 billion star systems to explore and fight in. The game itself will allow you to play alone or join a large multiplayer space where every event affects what happens in the rest of Elite: Dangerous’ universe. With this and No Man’s Sky I say bring on the space exploration gaming era.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I need to hear Sony throwing down a large wedge of cash, a very large wedge of cash. To have Elite Dangerous as an exclusive on their console (as well as PC/Mac) would be a big boost. Either way, if it hits PS4 then I’ll be pre-ordering and no doubt wasting away many hours of my life.

    • Why would we need to see that? I can’t help think that the devs will want to bring this to the masses (in every sense of the word). No console exclusives, etc. Seeing it running, I think it’ll be fine on both consoles too.

      • Space exploration, as a genre making a bit of a comeback, seems like it’s ripe for experimenting with cross platform multiplayer too. Having said that I’m way more excited about NMS, which is a bit like the 21st century Facebook to Braben’s (epic and beautiful) dial-up BBS :)

      • “Why would we need to see that?” – Just because I’d like to see Sony nab a really big exclusive like MS did with Titanfall. Petty I know, but can’t I be a little petty every now and then?

    • Not too petty, fella. Your reasoning makes sense. Nice to have a “new franchise feel” to a console exclusive. I appreciate there’s been previous Elites but so long ago that it barely matters.

      Interestingly, it now begs the question of “what will be the PS4s great new franchise?” this generation when we have hindsight on our side. :-)

  2. I get the niggling feeling that the only reason he’s courting console gamers is the reaction to No Man’s Sky from E3

    • Maybe so, but I’m not complaining, would love to see this on PS4.

    • The timing is interesting, it does seem a bit ‘me too’. I think NMS has shaken them a bit and this story gets Elite back in the spotlight.

      Elite does look good, and I’m excited at the prospect of VR support, but I’m worried that this is pure PR and that it’s really PC-only.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, Disney will see the sudden interest in space combat games and grab some of the left over LucasArts staff to remake TIE Fighter… a man can dream i suppose!

    • That would be wonderful, let’s start a petition!

  4. Maybe Sony could wake up and see there’s still a lot of interest in the space genre, reboot Colony Wars and G-Police on PS4 (i know they looked at possibility of returning to Colony Wars during PS2 era, was potential flagship game for PS2’s online services), then MS would slap hand on forehead in DOH! moment, realise how foolish it was to cancel the Freelancer sequel on 360, years ago and bring that to Xbox One….

    A man can indeed dream……

  5. I’ve been seriously considering investing in a PC to be able to play this game since I learnt about this game, still remember playing the original on the good old BBC micro. Would save me a lot of cash if it came to console.

    • I’ve been drawn to the darkside, my PC is being built (thank you Kittdjw) Watch out universe Moonpie is coming…..

      • Now all you need is a Flightstick and an Occulus Rift and you’re all set :)

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