Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Prices Confirmed Along With Details On How To Redeem DLC

Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty will be releasing next week on PS4, and now Oddworld Inhabitants has announced the UK & European pricing for the game. Taking into account the US price of $29.99 the publisher has decided that UK inhabitants will be able to purchase New ‘n’ Tasty for £17.99, while those in the Eurozone will get the game for €20.99. Furthermore there were details on how you can get the Alf’s Escape mission, and the Scrub Abe costume for no additional cost thanks to the QuikBuy scheme.



Alf’s Escape is a brand new mission that takes place in new area of RuptureFarms, with new puzzles and challenges to complete. There will also be a leaderboard to show who is the quickest to help Alf make his way to freedom. Scrub Abe is (above) gives Abe a factory cleaners outfit. If you have a PlayStation Plus account and buy New ‘n’ Tasty within two weeks of the launch date you’ll get these bonuses thrown in, and they’ll be yours forever even if your subscription expires.

As New ‘n’ Tasty will be a Cross Buy title buying these bonuses will carry over to the PS3 and Vita versions when they launch later on.

Source: Oddworld.com



  1. £18 would be too much if this was a simple HD remake or up-rez of the original but it’s really not. For what you’re getting, £18 is even a little bit cheaper than I expected – this could very easily be a disc-based release at £30, from what I’ve seen and played.
    Cross Play too, when the other platforms are released.
    I think that’s a pretty decent price, all things considered.

    • meh. i’ll just wait until it goes free on PS plus. the game costs almost half of a years PS plus sub for crying out load. it will be free on PS plus before the end of the year.

      • It’s amazing how there’s always a comment that X game will be on PS+ within a year whenever a good non-AAA game is revealed.

        The comments are obviously wrong most of the time, but still people keep repeating them.

        I couldn’t get a summer job (at least not yet), so I hope you’re right, but I have a feeling I’ll be buying this one when I can afford to. It’s definitely worth it (comparing any game to PS+ in terms of value is simply unfair in my opinion, PS+ is way too good).

    • Given the US and EU prices and the usual trend when it comes to the UK price I think we’re getting a brilliant deal, I’ll be very happy to fork out £18.

  2. £18 less 15%-18% if you buy credit online which means this title is around £15 in real terms. This is looking very tasty indeed…

  3. Next week? That will be tempting..

  4. Very nice and I agree on the fair pricing. Destiny Beta + this next week and then TLOU remastered at the end of the month for me then!

  5. So looking forward to this game!

  6. @oddworldinc tweets this is US only at the mo.. It’s not in the store yet but I suppose it is incoming. Not a lot has appealed on PS4 yet so this and the last of us are high on my to do list

  7. At that price this’ll likely be a day one buy for me! Was expecting the usual US:UK price conversion (ie 1:1) so very happy with this

  8. I’ve never played this before so I reckon I’ll give it a go. Now the World Cups over this will keep me occupied ’til I repurchase TLOU.

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