Podcast: Episode 147 – Gang Beasts, Mario Kart and Velocity 2X

Given Lewis works in a school you think he’d have the days of the weeks down. Alas, it seems not, as he accidentally arranged to go and have a meal when he was supposed to be on the podcast. Fortunately there were no such issues with Peter, Kev and I, so we managed to keep things going between the three of us.

Kev hasn’t done all that much this week, but he did just about manage to find time to play a little of an iOS title called Blek. Peter, on the other hand, has been pouring huge volumes of time into Mario Kart 8, going so far as to work out exactly what the best kart configuration for him is after digging deeply into the stats.

Finally, I went to the Games by the Sea event in Brighton last week. This is essentially a bunch of indie games taking over a pub in Brighton, with the titles on show in the middle of a party. My two picks of the night were the simply brilliant brawler Gang Beasts, and Futurlab’s follow up to Velocity, Velocity 2X. If you want to hear more about either of those then listen in.

This week we’ve also got a round up of the week’s news, a quiz from Peter and the answers to your questions.

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  1. I don’t believe that the so called ‘glitch’ was a real glitch done by EA. From my point of view this was a clever test for everyone interested to collect data on the reaction and action which would gamers do after such a ‘idea’. How is this suppose to be a glitch? Can you imagine someone: “Ups by mistake I have added a price to the demons, with a totally valid price (not a 9,999.99$ bug). Ups, silly me.” – really guys?

    I really liked the first Velocity game, so I’m looking forward to the sequel. I wanted to even platinum the game, but the challenges just were to much for me. Loved the main campaign mode.

    A similar thing to the ‘lightning bolt’ Peter is talking about, was also in Crash Team Racing I think. Ow, I cannot remember the weapons any more :( So many nice words about the WiiU. Makes me happy for Nintendo getting back up and making pressure at SONY in the console market :P Still not interested in buying their console.

    Never heard before of Gang Beasts, but it sounds damn funny. Would love to see this on consoles, but even if I get a PS4 I will have only one DS4 so :(

    Thanks for the answer to my question about the podcast comments. Was just wondering if there is any sense of posting them :P

    Kris, wouldn’t it be better to post a full list of the podcast topics, an hour or so before you start recording? This would help people come up with questions. Don’t know how this would work in terms of time spent on answering them.

    • There used to be a forum post/thread each time the podcast was going to happen asking for questions that people wanted answered & the like.

      I think Steve might have monopolised that with questions about tea & biscuits though. :/

    • Not a bad idea to post subject a short while before we record, Kris usually has a list of topics anyway.

      FYI: I read the podcast post comments every week and I really appreciate when people like you and Hazelam post really long replies with their thoughts (or correcting where we were wrong!)

      • Thanks for the warm words ^^ Was just wondering if anyone reads them aat all, so I guess I will just continue to write them :)

  2. Germanos all Kris would have to do is post on twitter the names of the 3 or 4 things they are going to talk about but he’s too lazy so he wouldn’t

  3. Pete I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure you are the one ignoring me, not being on the podcast, even more so Kev just deciding he wasn’t going to come on an hour or 2 before that hurts :'(

    When I said you guys inspired me I never said that’s because you’re good ;)

    Also I hopefully will be going to EGX and should be taking a Zoom recorder, and going to do a podcast up there with it as it’s really good for that kind of thing.

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