WeView Verdict: South Park: The Stick Of Truth

Much like Dan, I’m not hugely into South Park. I’ve watched several episodes, and still do from time to time, but I’m not hardcore like many of you seem to be! Still, The Stick of Truth sounds really great from all your verdicts, and I’m actually quite tempted to watch the show so I can play it now!

“It’s one massive episode of South Park attached to a perfectly acceptable RPG. Which is all you could ever hope for, really.” said MrYd, kicking off this week’s WeView. That’s an extremely succinct verdict, though he goes on to explain how it “really is very funny”, even down to the trophy list. He also says that the “RPG elements are deceptively simple. Some of the fights can get challenging, even if the majority are fairly simple.”

Doomsday619 agrees with all of the above, saying that it warrants multiple playthroughs. They’re obviously fans of the show, but even for people such as DividSmythe, element666 and ZYZ_10 who are only “occasional viewers”, there’s still some brilliance to be found. “If you have kids then you definitely don’t want them in the room while you play this.” though, according to Broonba.

Funny story here, actually. It has nothing to do with the actual verdict, but when I was young, my cousin and I convinced my Gran and Grandad that South Park was a kids show due to it being animated. My Gran did question why a show for kids was on so late, and just imagine her shock (and sudden realisation) after about thirty seconds of watching!

Anyway, I’d assume she would be similarly surprised with the game, as “the humour is just what you should expect from a proper South Park game” according to Kennykazey. “It’s like literally playing a feature length episode of the show and I cannot give it any higher praise than that.” said psychobudgie, while DividSmythe finds it “hard to play” as he’s “usually too busy rolling round the floor laughing.”

There was also a bit of furore about the censorship of the game in Europe. Kennykazey suggested importing the game, but other such as MrYd and psychobudgie praised the way that this was handled, though MrYd said that “it just shouldn’t have happened in the first place.” Dubmeistergti noted that the Steam version is uncensored.

So, where does that leave us? Well, with some obscure reference that I’m clearly not well versed enough in South Park speak to know, there were four votes for Moo. Everyone else also voted Buy It, so it’s probably well worth checking out, even if you’re not a massive fan of the show!

We’ve got Thief coming up tomorrow in WeView, but you’re still going to have to vote for next week’s game. You can do that by consulting the poll below.



  1. Good to see some comedy in a video game that makes people really laugh, hopefully it will inspire more in the future. Quite a rare thing.

  2. Four votes for “Moo”.
    Quality! :)

    • More than 4 votes for Moo. Some people seem to have voted “Buy it”, unnecessarily translating “Moo” into some sort of primitive human language.

  3. A completely unanimous verdict then? Everyone thinks “Moo!”??

    This is surprising, really. I expected someone to complain that it’s just stupid childish humour. Which it is, kind of.

    And nobody complained that you really have to be a big fan to enjoy it? Which isn’t really true. There are so many little references to just about everything that’s ever been in South Park, but they’re funny on their own, if a little odd. You might completely miss some of them, like Mecha-Streisand, and not know that Mecha-Streisand can only be defeated by Robert Smith of The Cure, but that one was 16 years ago. So even the fans might be excused missing that.

    But still. Moo!

    (And if it still needs explaining, the aliens in South Park are the traditional tall, grey, big eyed types. Whose language is remarkably similar to that of cows. Which explains cattle mutilations with a vague, child-like logic)

  4. Its been on my Steam wishlist since it came out, but it hasn’t quite given me the urge to click the ‘Buy’ button (even tho I do enjoy the cartoons). I think I might just give it a go after reading this tho.

    BTW, for those that have played it, is the swearing ‘bleeped’ or is it just uncut? I actually find them funnier when they ‘bleep’ and hearing them actually swear as they did in the movie, put me off a bit. Family Guy has the same effect.

    • The swearing isn’t bleeped bit it is censored in EU, which those bits on YouTube.

      • To be honest the scenes that are censored are funnier for it. They handled it in the usual South Park grown up manner we are all accustomed to.

      • Tbf your quite right phycobudgie.

  5. I would love to play it for the humour but i’ve never gotten on well with turn-based rpgs. I will probably just catch it on youtube at some point.

    • The turn based parts are not that complex and it is totally worth it for the 1st ending. Yes there are more than 1 and possibly less than 3. People who have played will appreciate the ending that I refer to.

  6. The marklar with this kind of marklar is that the other marklars are too marklar to marklar that.

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