Bungie Tells You Everything You Need To Know About The Destiny Beta

With the Destiny beta arriving in the very near future on PlayStation platforms, Bungie wants a quick chat so they can tell you what to expect, as well as share a bit of apprehension that comes with releasing a product to the public that has required so much work.


Maybe it’s just because there’s not a lot to play on next-gen consoles right now but I’m pretty excited about the Destiny beta and I’m really looking forward to Thursday. While this week only sees the release of the beta on PS3 and PS4, Xbox owners can get their hands on it later this month.

Speaking of which, if you want to read more about what we can expect from Destiny come September, you might want to double back to TSA a little later today.



  1. I soo, cannot wait to get this alongside the white PS4. Hope the bundle comes to Poland at a decent price, if at all. Currently there have been no announcements from any store about the bundle :/

  2. One of the only announced games I’m actually looking forward to, will get into the beta, didn’t really bother with the crucible during alpha but will this time around.

  3. Will watch the vid later, currently at work.

    I’ve got Friday off now, so I’m all set for a Destiny weekend marathon. Sleep is over rated.

    I’ll be on PS3, so if any TSAers are looking for a fireteam member, feel free to give me a shout. PS id same as TSA id, and I have a mic.

    And if anyone sets up a TSA clan (if those features are even active for the beta) I’d like to know :P

    • I am also on PS3 and will be happy to meet up for some co-op. My PSN ID is iazza14.

      Unfortunately I am working both fri/sat (sods law) but will be available in the evenings/ nights. Sleep is indeed overrated.

      I also have a mic, if I can find the bloody charger that is.

  4. This did NOT tell me what I need to know! Having pre-ordered digitally, how do I access it?

    • I believe they’ll be e-mailing a code to the address linked to your PSN profile.


      • That’s what I’ve heard as well, and then I have to register on Bungies website with it. But those who’ve ordered from say Amazon has already got theirs. I read somewhere that PSN orders will get theirs closer to release, but I think it’s time to know when; There’s only a couple days left.

        It’s kinda silly I’ve gotta jump through hoops though, why can’t I be given a code to redeem on PSN, or just have the system recognise me as having pre-ordered and giving me a link to download?

        I’m sure it’ll all work out, but it would be nice if I could just get my access-code already!

    • If you pre-ordered via the playstation store, I don’t think there are any codes to enter. You should just start downloading automatically when the beta unlocks.

      Not sure how that works in relation to having extra download keys if you want to invite your friends though. Did you set up a bungie.net account? That’s where I’ve been getting most of my updates….

      • Just did some digging.

        If you pre-ordered on PSN, you will not get a beta access key for use on the bungie site. You will instead be emailed a download key (I assume 3 keys like everyone else) via the playstation network, along with instruction on what to do next.

        Currently, only the beta keys have been issued. The download keys have not been released (other than to press types for evaluation)

      • Thanks Nocure! Appreciate the help. :-D

  5. And this month’s biggest release is…. A beta, will try it tho

  6. Can’t wait for the beta to start tomorrow. I’ll be playing on PS4 and will be looking to fill fire teams with TSA folk so add me!

    My psn is funky_ole. Happy hunting fellow guardians :)

  7. Does anyone know if it’s too late to get beta keys?. I’ve pre ordered from game but haven’t registered yet and was going to do it 2nite (just been too busy as was in london at wknd)

    • As far as I know, as long as you have your beta access code, you can create an account and register at bungie.net for download keys any time up until the beta goes live.

      I haven’t seen any information about what happens after that point.

      • Ok thanks, I’ll try and sort it 2nite and see what happens

  8. Looks good can’t wait. Shame I’ll get very little time on the beta as I go on holiday on Saturday. If it’s correct I’ll have 2 extra codes to give away. If your not in on beta hit me up a friend request/message same name username. I’ll have Ps4 codes btw.

    • I’ve got my 2 codes given away now.

  9. please can I have one?, Im about to try and register but fear I’m too late

  10. I loved the alpha and am willing to cut Bungie some slack, but the beta code process has been crap: pre-order, register with Bungie, get code in email, input code, wait for email, fight with stupid website, now wait. Crap.

    Not sure at what stage I went wrong, but I’m now in limbo waiting for codes via Bungie’s website, email or PSN, I’m not sure which.

    It wasn’t this hard for other betas.

    • im having problems too, got pre order from game (instore) but there is no code on the receipt, pretty frustrating as may be too late by the time i’ve emailed them or spoke to the store etc. might not bother with the game now, It’s only going to be competing for time with diablo 3 anyway

      • If I somehow manage to get three codes I’ll send you one.

        PSN ID is Winch.

      • thanks but in the end I thought sod it and pre ordered on psn, no point pretending I’m not gonna end up getting it lol. I should get a code now, cheers for the offer though

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