Update: The Last Of Us Remastered Gets Photo Mode And Future DLC, But No Upgrade Pricing

A few more details on The Last of Us Remastered have emerged today, a few weeks ahead of its release at the end of this month (well, the 1st of August if you’re in the UK). CVG picked up on these tweets by MeriStation’s Javi Andres, as Spanish media were given a briefing about the re-release.

Naturally, there are the graphical improvements, with one slide noting the previously confirmed 1080p60 resolution and frame rate as well as much larger texture and shadow maps, improved particle effects and longer draw distances. However, there will be the option to lock the frame rate at 30 frames per second, which does imply that the game won’t be able to achieve 60 frames per second with absolute regularity, and will instead dip below that as we have seen with other PS4 releases.


While the Remastered release will include all of the prior DLC content, from the Abandoned Territories multiplayer maps to Left Behind and Grounded difficulty, it’s curiously pointed out that add-on content will be “cross-buy” between PS3 and PS4 and that additional DLC is planned for 2014. What form this will take and whether it is as substantial as what was previously included in the season pass, we simply don’t know yet.

Further to this, Eurogamer Spain claim that we’ll see a photo mode similar to that of inFamous Second Son, which will no doubt mean we’ll have some delicious new wallpapers in early August.

UPDATE: It has also been confirmed the European PS4 version will be censored to appease the German market. The PS3 version suffered the same fate and was missing some of the more gory animations.

UPDATE 2: Though it was always an outside hope, SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton has responded to a question from Basket21 about a potential PS3 to PS4 upgrade path. Unfortunately, it’s not good news for those looking to buy the game a second time, as he says, “Alas, there is no upgrade discount.” However, the price of the game’s pre-order on the PlayStation Store is set at £39.99/€44.99, so expect to be able to shop around at retail and purchase the game closer to the £30 mark.

Sources: Javi Andres (MeriStation), Eurogamer via CVG



  1. Frame rate lock to 30fps could be good.

    60fps feels more video gamey than cinematic to me. I can see why people prefer 60fps, but 30fps is my favourite.

    Additional add-on content sounds interesting. Hoping for single-player, although the multiplayer was excellent too.

  2. A locked 60 frames per second is that much harder than floating around the 60 mark, so a locked 30 frames per second does make sense. Especially for those people that really “feel” the sharp frames-per-second drop in games.

    However, if they’re hovering near sixty, I really can’t see many wanting to embrace something almost half of that.

    • ND say its 60 for almost all the time though. My only guess is that it’s for cinematic reasons. Then again, are there no improvements if you choose the 30fps lock?

      Does anybody know what BF4 does on ps4 when it drops frames because it doesn’t feel juddery, nor have I noticed tearing (not that I have been particularly looking though). Whereas in CoD ghosts I really ‘felt’ the judder.

      • What you’ll probably find is the speed of the drop of frames per second. Teflon and I were in Tomb Raider (on our own respective PCs) and just seeing what FPS it was running at in the same section. I think my PC was running a smidge faster (because of the slightly more powerful graphics card) but we both noticed drops of around 20 FPS which was fine as it wasn’t so quick to notice. The game basically ran around 35 to 60 FPS but it didn’t usually slam into the ground (read: lower than 35) and ruin anything. With that in mind, both Tef and pretty much had absolutely no clue what the frame-rate was until we saw the frame-rate number on screen. To our respective peepers, it was smooth and that was pretty much it!

      • Thanks alot for the reply! So essentially, in the case of BF4, the framerate is probably still in the 50’s or something like that most of the time? If thats the case I don’t mind that, especially as it was only in multiplayer that it happened.

      • the 30fps lock option is probably a result of the cutscenes. The motion captured animations for the cutscenes are most likely at 30fps and that would look horrid, characters animating at half the framerate as the world around them. So they locked the framerate to 30 during cutscenes. Once they’ve done that it would be simple to just make that option available to players during gameplay.

  3. Thank god for the 30fps; just because you can reach 60fpd doesn’t mean you always should. It’s like people that put their tv’s at 100/200mhz for watching football, but don’t turn it off when watching a movie. It just looks weird :)

  4. Great about cross-buy as I have every DLC extra.

    It would be amazing if they did even a small SP add on with another character, although anything extra is more likely to be MP content with some stupidly fucking ridiculous hard to achieve trophies like they did with Unchartered 3 (49% more trophies) to prolong the period that people will play.

    • My guess: More hats. I wouldn’t mind a thousand more trophies though, as it would give me an excuse to keep playing, and I do really enjoy it.

      • Depends, happy for trophies if they are obtainable, I don’t even mind some being tough, but not the stupid 3+ kills and no deaths on EACH map. They were a royal pain and made people camp after getting 3-0 which is totally against how TLoU multiplayer works! Also, only getting one opportunity when waiting for the map in rotation was fucking annoying, and worse if you die straight away.

      • You have to see those ones as bonus objectives and not be too bothered if you run into a team of hard bastards. I’ve managed 4/8 of them so far, playing on Interrogation. I can imagine it ruining survivors.
        My team agrees that if we have any players who are in a position to get the trophy and unlocking is possible, we just do it.

      • Yeah it’s a fair point, but if playing with randoms it can be annoying, particularly if you’re trying to win and a teammate is hiding from the enemy leaving it 4 vs 3.

        Oh well, hopefully they won’t be in Remastered, nor will they add any other annoying ones!

    • I don’t get that: if the PS4 edition already brings all previous DLC packed in the disk, there is no great advantage in having purchased it before right? I mean, you can always use the DLC on both consoles, but…

      • It just means I don’t have to buy any of the weapons or hats again. It’s only the map packs and Left Behind DLC that comes with Remastered.

    • Oh, i get it now :)

  5. Quite sick of this censorship bollocks. It may have made Stick of Truth funnier but I don’t live in Germany and couldn’t give two what they want. Can we just have an uncensored version and just don’t bother releasing it in Germany until they remove the stick from their

  6. Slightly miffed about the censorship, but it only equates to the Multiplayer side of the game if I’m not mistaken, so just like the PS3 version my enjoyment of the game won’t be effected too much.
    Literally can’t wait all over again, week booked off from work, bring on those 1080p 60fps feelies.

  7. It’s a shame there’s no upgrade path but I can’t blame them for thinking people willing to double-dip will do so regardless there’s plenty of people, me included, that are proving this to be right.

    I’ve got my order of the US version in for £34 anyway so it’s not too much of a hardship, and no censorship either.

  8. I hadn’t realised it was censored on PS3 but now that i know – and considering what get’s shown in a lot of games anyway – i think if i ever go for the remastered edition i’ll try and find a US import copy.

    • You can buy it from the US PSN store for $50, which is about £29. I’m kind of wishing I’d done that myself, but I already pre-ordered from 365games.co.uk for £33 and don’t seem to be able to cancel it..

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