Destiny Beta Fated To Undergo Scheduled Maintenance On Monday, Offline Until Wednesday

Have you been enjoying the Destiny beta over the last few days? I have had some with it reaching the level 8 cap with my Exo Hunter, with my knife skills actually playing a huge part in close combat. However, if you have planned to spend the next few days fighting the Fallen on Earth, or each other in the Crucible then you’re going to have to wait. Bungie has announced that the Destiny Beta will be undergoing scheduled maintenance for the next couple of days.


If you also fancy seeing some new maps then you may want to keep playing at 10pm tonight as The Iron Banner event kicks off, giving a glimpse of Mars. The Xbox beta starts on Wednesday.

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  1. At this rate I feel like us playstation fans got a jacked deal. Early beta meant 4 days of gameplay, then 3 without while the rest catches up on us. Marketing worked tho, destiny feels like a ps4 title

    • ? Nobody will be playing until Wednesday, so nobody will be catching you up.

      • I meant they catch up on us having the beta. I’m cool with everybody having the beta (game is well worth it) but the announcement was huge about early access and that only turns out to be 4 days.

      • There’s maybe around 6 hours of co-op content in there right now, alongside the competitive play, so that anybody with the time over the last four days will have completed this quite easily. I’d expect them to add another mission or two once the servers come back up.

        However, don’t forget that the PS4 got the alpha test all to itself, and I know a lot of people that got into that, who got to play it for 5-6 days back in June.

        The servers are only off for two days. I’d expect they’re back up on Wednesday afternoon for the EU to play some more.

      • It would be great if there’s some more content when it reopens on Wednesday. Actually, I’d even take them just raising the level cap to 10 so I can use the couple of rare items I’ve found. It’s a bit frustrating to have a toon stuck with some garbage weapon when I know there’s a killer rifle of doom stuck in my vault.

        Fingers crossed.

  2. Have to say the beta did its job and convinced me to get Destiny when it arrives on shelves, I didn’t think I was going to like it as some of their gameplay vids left me cold. After playing it for myself im definitely sold on it, it feels brilliant to play it, its just so fluid and the UI is gorgeous.

    • Yeah, the UI and general presentation of the game is outstanding.

  3. I’m liking the beta, but I have a technical niggle:

    The horrendous FXAA. You’d think, after Ryse and especially the open world Infamous, that they could implement the far nicer SMAA of some sort. The anti-aliasing technique used by Bungie blurs the entire picture and reduces the effective resolution. Removing the crispness associated with native 1080p. It doesn’t really look any more clean or crisp than Ryse at 900p, which uses and advanced form of SMAA.

  4. Monday was going to be my day to play…. Sucks

  5. Was this always planned? I thought it was only scheduled for maintenance for one day. I have to agree with Matthijs, they bigged this up so much as ‘exclusive content’ when actually you don’t get much. I know technically it is still exclusive early access but 3 days? Come on, its not exactly worth shouting about is it.

    • Well, the first day shouldn’t really even count given the massive breakdown of both Bungies webside and the PSN. It wasn’t a very carefully planned launch, but thankfully the dust settled after a few hours.

    • Yeah it was all planned in advance but not very well publicised. The schedule went up on a couple of weeks ago. I did receive an email about it and I assume anyone else who pre-ordered did too, but they probably could have mentioned it to people the first time they logged in to the beta, for all the people who were given their codes.

    • its only 2 days it finished by the 23rd

  6. I should probably boot this up at some point tonight then?

    Haven’t played the beta yet

    • A nice chap very kindly shared a beta code with me earlier today (cheers Colmshan).

      Hmmm, it looks good but there’s quite a bit hanging around for locations to load in. Also, the relationship of new goodies to equip against the increasing level of bad guys to shoot feels a little too obvious, almost a see-through mechanic of the game. I’ll give it a few more goes before deciding whether I’m in or out.

  7. I’ve played it for a couple of hours and can’t see what all the fuss is about tbh? It’s good, I’m enjoying it, and I’ll probably buy it, but it’s basically just Mass Effect with a little bit of Borderlands thrown in. Nothing ground breaking at all?!

    • It appears that the player can create SAT teams to go on missions, and also there are opportunities to bump in to other players on the home base so it looks quite social. That said, it’s not jumping out at me as a ‘buy!’ either.

    • I’ve had a bit of a laugh with it playing with a couple of mates but I don’t think I’ll be buying it.
      I can’t see what all the fuss is about and I started to get bored with it after about an hour. I understand it’s supposed to be a huge game & its only a beta but I’m not overly impressed with the graphics either.

      I’ll give it another go in a few days when it’s up and running again but I can’t help feeling this has been completely over hyped. It is on the other hand nice to have a few goes with a few mates i haven’t been online with lately which is one bonus for the game.

  8. I completely ignored this game and wrote it off as a Borderlands rip-off (which I’m not a fan of), but gave the beta a go after getting a key from twitter and I’ve found I’m really enjoying it.

    I’m not a fan of co-op games (as I like to go through a game at my own pace), but this has got a happy medium, where I can join up with people for a mission if I want to, and do my own thing if I don’t.

    Its convinced me to pre-order on the strength of it anyway. Although, £47 (via GameStop) is a bit steep for any game.

  9. From what i watched the game looks nice visually, i like the Mass Effect style travel/loading screens and the overall presentaion seems suitably next-gen. But the sp mode looked just like the mp game, about as immersive as an arcade game – where waves of enemies take priority over story – which is fine, it works exactly as it’s supposed to, but i want some thing more immersive from my space operas, i want Mass Effect 4.

    • It does appear this way.
      One thing I won’t be trying again on Wednesday is the team death match thing. I got about 2 kills and 50 deaths in about half an hour and left thinking, I am really that crap… I’m fine on BF.
      All I got was people leaping around shooting at me from all angles, and when I did shoot someone, they reacted like they’d been hit with beanbag thrown from a 4 year old girl with no arms, then obliterated me.

      • I had the same issue. After upgrading all of my armor it got a lil’ better but (normal)war shooters are more my thing I guess

      • Thats probably my problem as the same thing happened when I played Killzone online. I’m wandering around trying to flank people on a level which seems impossible to flank people on, to then see a flash of light and colourful things darting around the screen resulting in my death.

        Hell, I wondered why I kept getting killed against a few of the enemies on Destiny ’til I discovered the attractive glowing blue health/powerup things I was trying to collect were actually missile type things trying to blow me apart.

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