Podcast: Episode 148 – Sniper Elite, Destiny and The Elephant In The Living Room

This week’s podcast sees the regular foursome back together, with no silly guests to make us seem more professional or capable. At the time of recording, I hadn’t managed to get into the Destiny beta because of the PSN problems but Kev had played an hour or so and had something to say about his experience with it so far.

Before that, though, we looked at the news that schools would be teaching coding in England, a potential early access program for PS4 and Sony’s difficult task of selling the PS4 in Japan. Then Kris and I got a little too excited about Sting and the WWE, as well as the changes Marvel is making to a couple of its most loved characters.

Lewis talked about a documentary which sounds fascinating too, The Elephant in the Living Room. It’s all about the rare or dangerous pet industry and it sounds a little bit bizarre and quite a lot heartbreaking.

We did our usual quiz and questions before trying to wrap up the recording before any of us melted in the frankly ridiculous temperatures of our various recording environments.

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1 Comment

  1. Well the podcast started great :D First “Jesus!” and then “Fuck Yeah !” ;)

    There is a Japanese market game coming to the PS4. Something about half-naked, immortal ladies with huge…eyes, slashing with samurai swords through hordes of zombies.
    Should be perfect for the Japanese market :D

    Very interesting talk about the coding lessons, I agree with Peter and Lewis, but I understand why Kev was not keen about it. Listening to this I notice something: you guys are quite mature! Never noticed that before while listening to the podcast xD
    @Peter: just because kids will learn coding in various forms, doesn’t mean that after leaving school they will be developers :) Just like not everyone is a specialist in maths just because you learn it since your first school year.

    That documentary sounds really interesting. I will look for it as soon as possible. I just cannot get it around my head how stupid people can be. Get a cat for Christ sake! Or a dog, or fish! Plus, the fact about the amount of free lions is just sic.

    Yep, Lewis just nailed it. The Beatles statement fits, but the God of War series as a whole is massively important to video games and most of the time the games are just pure fun.

    LOL, it’s a F2P game based on online gaming, which involves online services, which need some maintenance from time to time? Ow, Kris.

    Kratos and Drake are like the faces of SONY right now. Of course it’s the same thing. SONY doesn’t have any bigger icon for their consoles right now. Maybe the Journey hero.
    It’s a shame that Crash stopped being a SONY thing, alongside Spyro (which current form in Skylanders is just shit, I hate Activision for what they did to it).

    Kev, it was just a question! There’s no need to be rude, you very rude person :C

    Good show ^^ Thanks.

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