WeView Verdict: Thief

Only a handful of you weighed in with your opinion of Thief for this week’s WeView. From the comments it seems Thief was a fairly negative affair. There were some glaring bad issues in the game such as the enemy AI, in-game map and cutscenes, which all resulted in a lackluster experience.

MadBoJangles kicked off the comments saying Thief “wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either”. The story, which “wasn’t exactly gripping”, was plagued by poor lip syncing. They also criticised the enemy AI and even claimed they “could have done a goddam tapdance behind the two guards” without being spotted. So, not the greatest start for Thief.

However, MadBoJangles did have some positive words to say about the game. As well as impressive visuals they were pleasantly surprised by how well the “mechanics of sneaking, climbing etc worked… from a first person perspective”.

Next up was JustTaylorNow, who as a newcomer to the Thief franchise, “didn’t think it was a bad game”. Having previously played Dishonored they felt Thief was a “downgrade copy” of the game.

Also new to the Thief franchise was Bunimomike. Despite the “atrocious mapping” and “immersion-breaking” loading screens he was able to enjoy Thief. The in-game map truly is one of the least helpful I’ve ever seen in a game. Although the enemy AI was as “daft as a brush” he did say the goons were “fun to bugger about with”.

Unlike MadBoyJangles, Bunimomike, didn’t think Thief’s story was uninteresting, only that “it was told badly”. He also praised the asylum level as “being genuinely scary at times”, which was an achievement for Thief as Bunimomike “doesn’t find any sort of gaming really nerve-racking” – I guess he hasn’t played Outlast.

TSBonyman was last to give their thoughts on Thief, which started off well for them, that was until they ventured into the side missions. With the poor in-game map making it too difficult to locate a “mission which was only a couple of metres away” they decided that was it with Thief, and switched it off in frustration.

Three of you gave Thief a Bargain Bin It/Sale It rating, whilst Plus It received a single vote. Despite the poor in-game map, daft AI and terrible lip syncing it seems there is still fun to be had in the disease stricken city of Thief, but only for a bargain price.

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  1. Meant to post for this.

    The map is truly dreadful, but what annoyed me the most was the volume levels of the NPCs. It didn’t matter if they were beside you or in another room they always were at the same loud level which would even drown out story dialog. Sound is very important in a stealth game and here is is terrible.

  2. That’s a shame, I was excited for this when it was first announced for PS4. I wonder what went wrong.

  3. For me, the biggest thing was that a good idea is hard to f***-up. They tried, but they didn’t manage. Thus, it was still enjoyable. Obviously you need to enjoy the concept in the first place (stealth, stealing, bit o’ free-running). However, there’s still fun to be had.

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