AMC Announces The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

The Walking Dead is no stranger to the video game industry, having spawned a cluster of adaptations across just about every platforms. Joining the ranks, Next Games’ No Man’s Land is due to launch in early 2015 for mobiles.

Details on the game itself are few and far between though it is said to carry the core themes of AMC’s popular television series. The trailer above is definitely giving off a Dead Island vibe though it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing another Walking Dead shooter.

If anything we’d probably say it’s going to be a strategy game of some description. Next Games has already alluded to something similar, stating that there will be a world for players to explore and key characters to interact with.

No Man’s Land will debut alongside the season 5 mid-premier next year.



  1. Can’t wait for season 5. Season 4 was my second favourite season after season 2.

    I’m more than happy to wait for this… mobile… game… however. Urgh.

    • Wasn’t season 2 the one everyone hated? Personally, I liked it. Then didn’t like the 3rd much. Or the first half of the 4th.

      The second half of that 4th season though. That really was good. They even managed to pull off a dream sequence without it being crap. (Helped in a massive way by the great Bear McCreary and some disturbing piano).

      Season 5 could be good. But a mobile game? Exactly what nobody asked for. Ever. We’ve already got a Walking Dead game that works just fine (and episode 4 tomorrow?). I doubt any mobile game could come close to being that disturbing. (I’m not going to forgive them for what they made me do lately though. My Clementine is turning evil. I wasn’t trying to play that way, but I couldn’t help myself. And I’m trying to avoid spoilers there. Some people might know what I mean)

      • Yeah, most people I know who watch the show thought season 2 was boring and thought season three was a huge improvement. I thought season three was garbage. To be fair, there were a few great episodes (the first episode in particular and maybe a couple of the later episodes). It started off well but once the Governor came on the scene, the tone of the show changed and it became a campy, comic-book mess. I really hated the Governor storyline (or at least, the way the governor storyline was handled on the show) and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to forgive them for what they did to Andrea. Poor Andrea. The first half of season four felt like a continuation of the third season. They had to fix all the mistakes that were made in the third series and I thought they did a pretty decent job overall. The second half of the season felt very much like the second season (a return to form imo) but again, some people thought it was boring. You just can’t please everyone I guess.

        I’m really enjoying season two of TWD game so far. I loved the first season but I struggled to get through it because there were so many bugs (some game breaking) but season two is much better. I haven’t encountered any bugs in my play through, so far – touch wood. The writing is much better this time too and there aren’t any overly annoying characters either, thank god (Lilly’s dad… makes me angry just thinking about that dude). It feels like there’s more of a grey area in your decision making this season and I love that. Can’t wait to play the new episode tomorrow.

        What the hell are you doing to your Clementine? My Clementine is a saint. Don’t make me call child services haha :)

      • You of course realise that the walking dead is entirely based on a comic right?

        That’s fine if you didn’t, but it just seems a bit strange to describe it as a campy, comic-book mess when that is effectively the source material.

      • And the comic is significantly better.

      • What am I doing to my Clementine?

        Well, nobody read this if you’ve not played episode 3 of the second season…

        Seriously. Don’t read the next paragraph. BIG SPOILERS.

        The whole Carver plot? That guy is obviously just an evil piece of shit. By the end of the episode, he had to die. Horribly. She just told them to shoot him. Which doesn’t seem right for her, but it was one of the options and that little timer bar works so well at forcing quick decisions. And then she hung around to watch. Mainly because I wanted to watch him get what he deserved. And apparently just over 2/3 of people did the same. If you didn’t, I guess you missed some spectacularly horrible violence.

        I’m trying to make her nice, but she also needs to be strong to survive. It’s getting harder to do. The great thing about it compared to the TV series is that the most shocking moments all seem either absolutely necessary or at least entirely your own fault. The TV series like to kill off characters just to be cruel. Maybe it’s just because you’re more involved with it that they seem so much more upsetting.

      • I’ve only read the first two issues of the comic. I thought the art was amazing but comics aren’t really my thing so I couldn’t get into it. I really like the show and thought the first two series were great but the tone in season three shifted more towards the comic and felt a little over the top compared to the previous seasons. Some things that may have worked well in the comics don’t necessarily translate very well to the screen.

        SPOILERS for the game…

        I chose not to shoot Carver dead because I knew that the zombie heard was coming and I thought it would be a more fitting end for him to be eaten alive by zombies. I did choose to stay and watch though. I agree with you that the writing in the game is much better than the writing on the show.

  2. I can’t help but think of this as a Zombie-mode for No Man’s Sky. You know it’s coming.

  3. A spin off game from a terrible TV show?
    I’m out.

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