Battlefield: Hardline Won’t Make Crime Pay Until Early 2015

EA has just confirmed that Battlefield: Hardline, the cops and robbers themed title by Visceral Games, won’t be launching until early 2015. This is a rather large surprise as in recent history the Battlefield series has released before Christmas taking on Call Of Duty in the shooter’s arms race. The main reasons give come from the feedback that was given after the beta, and some ideas being discussed at the studio.

As a result new features will be added to the multiplayer, ideas that have been created by both the community and the studio. The single player campaign is also getting a bit of a makeover with new elements being added to make the story that more interesting. Finally this extra time means issues can be worked on to make sure that Hardline is stable at launch, and doesn’t suffer problems like Battlefield 3 and 4 did. While the original beta did give some ideas on where to improve, the next beta will provide more feedback for the team.


This is a big move but if it means that Hardline is better for it, then that’s a good thing.

Source: Battlefield Blog



  1. This can only be good.
    1 – a decreased chance of the massive bugs that have plagued previous battlefield games.
    2 – a gap between cod and battlefield means I can play cod for a bit then trade it in for battlefield.
    3 – a game will actually get released in that quiet new year period.

    • I agree, this can only be good. The beta showed how poorly made the game (should be DLC) was/is. It just didn’t work IMO and I think the feedback from hardcore Battlefielders has definitely made them think twice about changing the game.

      It’s good to see they have learned a lesson from BF4 and not releasing it in a state and patching it up for 6 months after. The problem is, I think they quietly knew Destiny and COD would definitely create a massive dent in their sales too.

      That means next year Hardline, Battlefront and BF5 will possibly be released….surely not??

      • Surely Dice can’t be releasing another battlefield next year when they have Mirrors edge and battlefront to come out 2015/16.

  2. This actually makes me more likely to buy it, since the last part of this year is so crowded. But then again, so many big 2014 titles have been delayed to 15 that it may be just as crowded then.

  3. I don’t know whether this is good or bad. It played pretty well for a beta, but it doesn’t paint the whole picture of development.

    It makes it easier for us to pick a game this Autumn, but the amount of games coming 2015 is huge.

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