Watch Us Play Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty

Thanks to everyone who came and watched this stream, it showed off some of the additions and improvements on the original game, while still amply demonstrating that it’s retained that difficult streak that many of us will remember from the original. That means I died a lot.

We streamed roughly an hour, with the first few levels on show, up to the part where Abe discovers his destiny. You can catch the archived video of our livestream below

Hello, dear readers! Just Add Water and Oddworld Inhabitants are releasing something rather special tomorrow (or later today if you’re in the US) – it’s not just an ode to one of your favourite games of yore, or a homage to a classic, but a full-on remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey for PS4.

It’s a whole new experience, with retuned gameplay, but the same game at it’s core, so it’ll be familiar to anyone who’s played the PS1 classic before. You might have to wait until you can play it, but you can watch Peter play a good portion of the game on our stream, which will be live from around 3PM.

Click play on the video below, or head over to our Twitch channel, where you’ll be able to chat in the comments and call Peter names while he tries to liberate Mudokons from Rupture Farms.

Watch live video from TheSixthAxis on Twitch


  1. Nice! I’ve been trying to set it to download via the web store as I’m at work but it doesn’t seem to be appearing. You would of thought they’d update in parallel.!/en-gb/search/f=%5Eoddworld%7Cbucket~games%7Crelease_date~desc

  2. For some reason, when I get emails about this they always say you’re about to play the game you played last time.

    For instance, I got an email from twitch about 30mins ago saying that thesixthaxis was playing Destiny..


  3. I watched five minutes – and that took a while .. ;)

    • For some reason, I really struggle when I know people are watching me. It’s like I can’t get the timing of anything right. Still, at least you all get to laugh at me ;)

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